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Today's Children and the Dangers of the Internet

Today's Children and the Dangers of the Internet
For the entirety of history up until now, you could be reasonably secure in the knowledge that your children were safe if they were in the house, or in their rooms. Of course, you could start to worry as soon as they left the house – especially when they grow old enough to go out alone – but when they were in their beds at night, you knew they were OK.

At the risk of sounding alarmist, I believe that children are now less safe in the home than they were 10 years ago. The culprit? Of course: The computer. And to be more specific, the internet. It doesn't take much thinking to see why this has become a danger in our very homes. And the many reasons will be obvious to most parents: from pornography to violence; online bullies to chat room stalkers, there are websites lurking around every corner that can harm a child in some way; physically or mentally. That goes without mentioning what can be found about booze and drugs.

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The good news is that as these dangers have become more prominent in family lives, the effort to help parents do something about has become more of a priority for engineers and software developers, and today, parents in no way have to risk their children seeing something they shouldn't, whether it's a video, a chat room stranger, or a perverse article.

There are many types of software that can help, but two are particularly helpful; monitoring and filtering software. You sometimes will get the two types of software merged as one, but most of the time will see them separately. Monitoring software can monitor what a child does on the computer (great for parents of teenagers who they think are bottling something up), and Filtering software can actually block websites from being shown.

It's the second type of software that is brilliantly helpful for parents of younger children, who are just starting to use the family computer, or are two young to see what lurks around the corners of the world wide web. This type of software can scan a web page before it's displayed, and will look for any adult content (this can be customized to the parents wishes). If it finds an article, word, video etc that it deems inappropriate, that page will be blocked.

Of course there are many ways to keep kids safe online. But if you haven't got the time to stand directly behind them when they're using the family computer, then software like this would be a good place to start. Gecko Parents is dedicated to making parents lives easier with applications like this.

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