Thursday, 19 April 2018

Buy Pizza and other food items at very cheap price

Buy Pizza Just @Rs.16 and other food items at very cheap price
Hi guys, today I'll tell you a way to buy Pizza and other food items at a very cheap price. All you need to do is just install an app and place your order from your favorite restaurant and the discount will be applied automatically. Follow the steps given below:

1. Install Swiggy app from playstore (Link: )
2. After installation, open the app and login/sign up using your mobile number and email address.
3. During sign up, you should see a box that asks for Referral code. Check that box and enter the referral code: O8CDZ2 (First character of the referral code is uppercase letter O, not zero. If you miss entering the referral code, you won't get the discount benefits)
enter referral code by scrolling down to the screen
4. After entering the referral code and OTP verification, your swiggy account will be ready to use. Set your delivery address and search for the restaurants. For better deals, click "Filter" and check the option "Offers".
5. From the list of the available hotels, look for the ones which has maximum discount available, I'm looking for pizza and noodles (I love them 😜) with maximum discount available and I've selected a hotel that gives 50% discount on all orders which are deliverable in my area. You may choose the best hotel as per your discount requirements.
list of restaurants
6. Now add any item of your choice into your cart and proceed to the next step. You would see that an additional discount of Rs.100 would be applied automatically along with the hotel discount. As you see in the screenshot below, the price of the pizza is Rs.220 on which I got 50% discount from the hotel and an additional discount coupon of Rs.100 is automatically applied as the referral bonus. So my overall payable amount is Rs.16 only after applying all the discounts, isn't it cool?

NOTE: The item being purchased must have minimum listing MRP of Rs.299 to be eligible for the additional Rs.100 referral discount. If you notice that the referral discount isn't applied in your cart, remove the item from cart, close swiggy and reopen it and then add the product in one attempt.
discount applied
7. Now go ahead and pay the amount (get additional 25% cashback if you pay using PhonePe)
8. That's it. Enjoy your delicious pizza (or any food you ordered).
Offer Valid Till 31st May 2018.

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