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I am Ashutosh Kushwaha, a freelance web designer and a part time blogger. I am interested in exploring the secrets of computers and technology. Computer troubleshooting is my most interested field. I am very interested in Music also due to my interest in music, I compose music, write songs and sing them also. I am always involved in doing experiments with codes. Making money online, search engine optimization and alexa tips and tricks are also the topics of my interest. 

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Hi readers! This is Ashutosh Kushwaha from India. I was born on January 1st, 1993. I belong to a middle class family whose profession is business. I have completed post graduation diploma in computer application from Govt Polytechnic Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh (India). I always dream to do something big and memorable. I love helping others and making everyone happy. I always think that jobs are not sufficient to fulfill your dreams and passion so I chose blogging as well because it gives me an identity online and provides me an opportunity to get in touch with the people from all over the world. Currently I am working as a Technical Support Executive in a private company.

Author's Blogger Background

The person behind this site was not a computer student. He did not do any professional course in computers, but still he has a great knowledge in this field. The reason behind this is the fact that since he was of 8 years child, he has been playing with computers. Yet, he is in love with codes and computers. He made his first blog (THE NEXT GENERATION) in August, 2010, out of his curiosity, it was just a testing. But the material he provided in his blog made it famous and useful for everyone. He comes up with an idea of sharing about everything under the sun. In 2014, he created his second blog PC TRICKS GURU. Since the creation of this blog, he has been providing the most useful tips and tricks. He never took the help of anyone to guide him for his blogging, he did everything alone and his hard work made him an expert in the computer field. Today, he solves the problems of the professionals, and all the credit goes to his hard work and dedication.

Why PC Tricks Guru Exists

My mission is to provide great contents and tutorials for less experienced people who still need quality tips and help. There's no limit on how far I can go in sharing them my knowledge regarding computers. Imagination is the only limitation here. I make my tutorials with step by step instructions so anyone can easily follow them. This blog exists only to help the people and to make them more intelligent and aware about the computers. Although, earning money is also a reason of existence of this blog, but I don't prefer money, I prefer helping others. But everything isn't free in this world, and it takes my time and labour also to provide my services to the others, so there is a little cost for my services which I offer. In the other side, I earn some revenue from the advertisements also which are being displayed in my blog.

The Goals Of PC Tricks Guru

My aim is to spread my knowledge to all the computer lovers in every corner of online world and to be the best provider of web tutorials, tools, tricks and tips. Each post is published with a hope that every reader may learn the core basics to establish himself as a skilled entrepreneur, act as a rich resource to the online community and make a happy living online. I also aim to create a connection with every online people to share the skills that we have. Although I have a noble reason, but there are some people (you may say other bloggers who never think good for others) who feel jealous of me and my work, so they try to do spamming, copying, using abusive words in chat box and comments etc, but I totally neglect them because I believe that: "Never be demoralized by the negative comments of others, because increase in number of people who jealous of you is the symbol that you are being successful in your noble aim."


There is only one person who dedicates himself in making PC Tricks Guru active and growing. He works as a team alone, "A One Man Army" with a fair and square position in this blog, and he is, the author of this blog:
>> Ashutosh Kushwaha (Founder, CEO, & Author)
I will not forget to say thanks to all the guest writers also, who have written guest posts for my blog. Your contribution is also appreciated.

Special Thanks

Before you will end reading this page, I would like to say thank you for the time you spend in reading my posts and showering your love and faith upon me. I would like to say thanks to all my friends who give me moral support which encourages me to do my best for the people through my blog. I would like to say thanks to all my readers and my well-wishers because without you, this blog is nothing. You are like water and sunlight for me who keeps this plant alive. Once again, very very thanks to all the readers and friends to be with me and my blog. Love You All...!!

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