Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Get Free Rs.100 Amazon Voucher (For new amazon accounts on making their 1st purchase)

amazon refer and earn
Amazon has came up with a great offer in which you can get Rs.100 amazon voucher for free on your first purchase from amazon app. This is a referral campaign in which you can refer your friends to amazon app and if they make their first purchase, they will get Rs.100 and you will get Rs.200 amazon voucher which you can use to purchase anything from amazon. The steps to avail this offer is simple and I'm explaining the steps below so that you can avail this offer easily.

1. First of all you need an android phone in which you can install/upgrade the amazon app. To install the app, CLICK HERE or open the link: http://tinyurl.com/amazonofferptg
2. After clicking the link, following page will open. Tap over get the latest amazon app and install/update your amazon app.

Get Free Rs.100 Amazon Voucher

3. Now sign up and login to the amazon app.
If asked for any promo code, use ASHUT2523E
4. After completing your purchase, return to the same page in your browser from where you installed your app and tap over the CLAIM GIFT CARD button.
5. That's it, you will get Rs.100 Amazon voucher which can be redeemed on your first purchase of Minimum Rs.300

Wasn't it simple? You can get more free gift cards by sharing your own referral link to your friends. You can create new amazon account using your own referral code and make the purchase of minimum Rs.300 to get Rs.200 vouchers.

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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

How to search details of any person online

How to search details of any person online
Searching details of any person online is not an easy task and generally what people do is google the name of the person but internet is an infinite ocean where finding the exact details of any person is not so easy. But today I'll let you know about a search engines that is actually made to search people on the internet. Let's start.

Note: These search engines use data from different social media and government servers to look for the criminal records, personal details, work details, qualifications etc. I don't assure that you will always find the correct information of any person you've been searching for. 

This website looks like a normal search engine with two fields. In the first field, you can type the name, email, phone number or social media username and in the second field you can type the location where that person lives (that is optional, but it gives more accurate results). After entering the details, you can begin your search and it will show the person results from which you can find the person you are looking for.

I tried searching for my details and I was amazed that how perfectly it collects that data from the internet and displays the results. Below is the list of some of the other search engines which you find useful to search the details of any person online.

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Saturday, 7 January 2017

The Most Interesting Games At Unblocked Games

The Most Interesting Games At Unblocked Games
Playing flash games is simple and great, but only if you find the one you like. The best thing to solve, this potential issue is to try as many as you can. By doing this, you will be able to find a game that is the most suitable for you. If you like experimenting, this is the thing to do. Just in case, we will mention some of the best games at unblocked games, so you can try them in a sea of other games. All of them are simple to play, interesting, obviously, and all of them are completely free. Remember that all of them have advanced graphics, so they look better that ever.
  • Adrenaline
Have you ever looked at stuntmen jumping with a bike? We all know that it is amazing and playing a game that can offer you the same possibility is appealing. Adrenaline is the game of this kind. It will feature you, in different locations, while riding a dirt bike. You will have to collect different objects, points and etc. The hardest thing is the fact you will have to jump, balance your bike and cross impossible hills and holes. It is much harder than it sounds. Some, additional reasons why this game is so popular are the sound of a bike and the graphics, which is more than just good.
  • Candy Crush
A version of this game is available for Android phones and for iPhone and it is extremely popular on all devices. The main benefit of it is the simplicity and the level of details. Graphic is simple as well, but it is well-designed and the entire games look nice. You will have to order different types of candies into a single line and into patterns in order to eliminate them (collect them). The more you collect and the faster you do, a better score you will get. A game itself is far more complicated than it sounds and it is definitely more interesting.
  • Alien Anarchy
How many times you wanted to play as an alien? Probably millions of times. Sadly, most games feature you as  a human soldier and you will have to kill aliens. While this may be interesting, it is similar to all other games and there are no different possibilities. ​Alien Anarchy is one of more popular games at the unblocked games simply because it offers you a possibility to play as an alien. You will crash onto the planet Earth and  you will have to fight humans for your survival. You have some of the amazing weapons at your disposal and you will have to defeat a huge number of enemies. It also hides additional features, possibilities, and graphics, therefore you will have to play for a long time in order to master this game.
  • The World’s Hardest Game
Some of you believe that flash games are too simple to play. If you are one of them, you must try The World’s Hardest Game. In fact, it is so difficult, but so simple that a lot of players have quit playing it after just a few levels. The game has 30 levels in total and the main goal is to move a square between moving balls. The more you go, the faster the balls will move and their number will change. We all liked this game and we played it for a long time. According to the statistics, obtained from unblocked games, this is one of the most demanding and most played games of all times.
  • Zombie Warfare
Zombie Warfare is another game where you will have to kill as many zombies as possible. Despite the fact there are a lot of games of this kind, they are all amusing and adorable. However, the Zombie Warfare is better than all of them and it is part of HorrorScary Games website. It features a soldier, fighting against zombies. An advantage  is that you will have to move a soldier and shoot at the zombies at the same time. Add the fact you can see bullets and you can shoot at several zombies at the same time and you get the ultimate game for any occasion.
  • Superman Snowboarding
The Superman Snowboarding is a relatively new flash game, but it is gaining popularity as we speak. It is interesting due to the fact moving your character, the Superman is quicker than other games of this kind have. It is a difficult game as well and you will have to collect points, jump and avoid rocks. All of this is just a beginning, so play more for additional features.

These were some of the most popular games at unblocked games, but there are a lot more of them you should try. All games have the latest engine and the latest graphics so they are far more than ordinary flash games!

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