Sunday 20 April 2014

How To Change Audio of An English Movie Into Hindi

So many people think that it is not possible to change the audio of an english movie into hindi or any other language. Yes, it's true and they are correct. There is no any software which can translate the audio of a movie from one language to another. But do you know, some movie files (generally downloaded from internet or torrent sites) contain different audio tracks in different language within a single file. Yes it is true. These movies come with the label of "Dual Audio" and you can watch them in two languages, either in English or in Hindi. Actually, while playing those movies, you can change the audio track of dual audio enabled movies. Let's see how to interchange between the audio tracks of a dual audio movie:
1. Open your dual audio movie in VLC Media Player.
2. Now while playing the movie, right click on the video screen and go to Audio > Audio Track.
3. Now from there, select your desired language.

How To Change Audio of An English Movie Into Hindi

4. That's it. Your movie's language is now changed.
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