Saturday 12 April 2014

How to create your own operating system

How to create your own operating system
Ever wanted to create an operating system? Let's create one now. Hey, hey...!! I'm not gonna tell you to write million lines of codes, don't panic. To create your own operating system, you don't require any coding knowledge. We'll do it easily with Suse Studio. So, let's start now.
> Visit Suse Studio website.
> Now, register for a free account and then login to your account.
> Now from the home screen, click "Create New Appliance".
create new appliance
> Now at this step, you have to select the base template. Select "GNOME Desktop" because it offers graphical user interface so that the users who use this OS will feel comfortable with your OS.
choose base template for your OS
> Now select your architecture and then type the name of your operating system and then click "Create Appliance" button.
> At the next step, you have to add software in your OS. Just click on Software tab and then you will see a list of available software categories.
add softwares in your OS
> To add any software package in your operating system, just click over the software category. After that, you can add the software in your OS by clicking "+add" button. There is a search box also, using which you can search for your desired software such as Firefox, C Compiler etc.
> After adding the softwares and games in your OS, lets customize it's look. Click "Configuration" tab and then click "Personalize" option. Now you can upload a logo for your OS and can change the installation screen background.
> After this, click "General" tab and add username and password to log into your OS.
> Now, click "Build" tab and select "Live CD/DVD .iso" and click "Build" button.
build OS
> Now Suse Studio will start building your iso file. It may take some time to complete, so wait until the iso file gets ready.
iso file building in progress
> After successful creation of ISO file, you can download it and burn it into a CD/DVD and can install in your computer. If you are feeling lazy, then just click "Testdrive" to check your operating system. It will run on the suse studio virtual server from where you can test your OS.
iso created
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