Friday 25 April 2014

How to view mobile view of any site in your computer

How to view mobile view of any site in your computer
If you are a web designer and design responsive templates for blogs and websites, then you are required to check the layout of the designed templates in computer as well as mobiles also. If your designed template looks perfectly in pcs, tablets and mobiles, then only you can distribute your template with the label of "Responsive Template". But to test the mobile view of your templates, you have to use mobile simulators which use high system resources and can make your pc slow. So, I'm going to share a trick to test your websites and templates in mobile view directly from your pc browser. Just follow the steps below:
1. Open your google chrome (or torch) browser.
2. Now click this link and click "+FREE" button to add the "User Agent Switcher" extension in your browser.
3. After adding the extension, you will see the icon user agent switcher icon of "user agent switcher" in the top right side of your browser.
4. Now let us test any site with this extension. Open and just click on the "User Agent Switcher" extension icon.
5. There, you will get a list of available browsers. If you want to check the site layout on any android device, then click Android > Android 4.1 - Nexus 7
mobile view of any site in pc : android
6. Now your browser will behave like android OS browser and facebook will go into mobile view for android.
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  1. It is very useful tip for every web designer sir. I am having a similar trick using software but your trick is awesome (o)

    1. Hello Yammani, I read your article and it is nice. Keep visiting. :)


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