Wednesday 2 April 2014

Make free mobile calls for India, US and Canada with Dingaling App

Make free mobile calls with Dingaling App
There are so many sites which are providing free calls, but actually they give only 2 minutes free, just as a sign up bonus. But today, I'm going to tell you about a mobile app which offers free voice calling to India, US, China and Canada. The app is called Dingaling App which is available for Android and iOS. Using this app, you can call your friends on mobile and landlines. It is not necessary that the friend whom you are calling must have this app installed this app in his/her mobile also. Just download this app and install in your mobile. Then open the app and dial the number in its keypad and hit call button.

What will be the time duration of free call

For india, the minumum free call duration is 10 minutes. For countries like US and Canada, the minimum duration of free call is 30 minutes.

Is there any limitation for free calls

Yes, you can make only 2 hours of free call per month.

Can I send SMSs also?

Yes, you can. But only to Dingaling users.

What if I don't have a smartphone?

LOL, so funny question. But still you have an oppertunity. You can make browser based calls by registering on their site, Just enter caller number and the destination number and hit "FREE CALL" button to make the free call. Your friend will see the entered mobile number in international format as the caller's number.
Make free mobile calls for India, US and Canada with Dingaling App

From Where Can I Download This App 

Download Dingaling App For Android From Here
Download Dingaling App For iOS From Here

I have created a video tutorial of web browser based calling. Check that below:

NOTE: After signing up for dingaling web based calling, you must have to verify your email id by clicking on the confirmation link you received in your mailbox, otherwise you will see an error saying "You are not eligible for this call".

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