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Best Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Best Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog
Massive traffic attracts advertisers to advertise their products on your blog. If you are writing good content but there no traffic at all, you are just wasting your time. Any blogger first pays attention to the quality of the content and second to the traffic. This is because if he writes unique and quality articles on his blog, visitors enjoy reading his posts but without paying attention towards traffic, he can't get a good number of readers. So, if he drives traffic to his blog successfully, new people will read his posts and if they like his posts, they will come back to read his posts again and again. So if his blog gets affected by any search engine penalty, he can maintain his traffic with his loyal readers. So, here are some tips to drive traffic to your blog. Keep on reading:

Best Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

1. Write Quality Articles

If you write unique and quality articles in your blog, your articles will be ranked in search engines at a better position. You will get organic search traffic and will this search traffic will give you unique readers. Unique readers and more important because they are new to your blog and if they like your articles, they either bookmark your site in their favorites list or subscribe to your post updates. In this way, you get increment in the audience of your blog.

2. Focus On The Long Tail Keywords

If your blog is new and you want to drive traffic from search engines, then focus on the long tail keywords. Long tail keywords usually convert better and drive targeted search visitors. To decide long tail key terms, I suggest you to use a tool called HitTail.

3. Make Your Blog Design Attractive

Everyone says that content is the king, but who is the queen? Of course its the design. I've noticed that most of the bloggers say that a simple and white template is the best for blogs. But I'm not agree with them. What matters is the ease of navigation, site loading speed and an eye catching design. You can use simple white templates for your blogs but if you don't have a navigation bar, or some attractive design (I'm not saying to fill your template with lots of CSS and images) your visitors will not return to your blog again. It is said that "First impression is the last impression", so if your visitor is not impressed by the design of your blog, he will hardly return to your blog. But if they see your blog design for the first time and say "What a cool design!", an impression will be made in their mind and they will remember your blog. A good looking design attracts the eyes of the visitors and they feel happy to return to your blog. So, always use a good looking template.

4. Share Your Articles Over the Internet And Make Your Presence

i) Social Media : You can share your articles in social media and microblogging sites such as facebook, twitter etc. Search for some communities of people who may like your content and join them. Keep posting your links in those communities/groups and you will generate a nice amount of traffic from social media.
ii) Social Bookmarking Sites : You can drive traffic to your blog by sharing your articles in social bookmarking sites also. Update your blog regularly and keep sharing your recent articles in social bookmarking sites. My 40% of traffic comes from social bookmarking sites only.
iii) Blog Commenting : You can find blogs with high traffic and high PR under your niche and leave comments in them. Comment with your own blog link (but don't spam) and if other readers of that blog will read your comments and click on your link, your blog's traffic will increase.
iv) Write Guest Posts : Recently, Matt Cutts announced that google will penalize those blogs who do guest posting for link building (more information is here). Google has already penalize some large guest blogging networks. But it doesn't mean that you can't do guest blogging. If you write 2 or 3 guest posts, then your blog will not be penalize. So, the first thing you need is search for some blogs with massive traffic and then select 2 or 3 of them which suits your niche. Now write one guest post for each of them and include your backlink in the post. If admins of those blogs accept your guest post and publish it, a good amount of traffic from those blogs will be referred to your blog and quality content on your blog will do the rest of the work.

5. Submit Your Sitemap To Search Engines

Submitting your blog's sitemap to search engines help them to index your blog posts. If your blog posts are indexed properly in the search engines, your site becomes more visible in the search engines and you get quality search traffic. So, if you have a sitemap ready for your blog, submit it to google webmasters tools, yaaho and bing to get organic search traffic.

6. Print Your Business Card and Give It To People You Interact With

Get a business card of yours printed and give it to the people you interact with. You might be visiting so many people while travelling in airplanes, trains or in local buses (don't think that travelling in trains and local buses will spoil your status, they will help you to grow your network, if you are talkative), just try to talk with them on some social topics or any topic you both like and while leaving, just give them your business card. They will surely check your site printed on your visiting card. So in this way, you can get some traffic on your blog. You may leave your business cards in cafes, restaurants or on signboards also.

7. Advertise in Local Newspaper and Magazines

Well, this option may be costly for a new blogger. But if you get enough pocket money to spend for your blog, then try to publish small advertisements in local newspapers and if possible, try to write articles for some print magazines and add your site url with the article.

8. Participate on Message Boards and Join Forums

You may participate on message boards and forums and solve the queries of the other people. You may assist them through your text replies and at the end of your replies, you may add a signature line and can include your blog url. Any user who finds your answers useful will surely try to visit your site.

9. Offer Free Blog Installation For Newbies

Offering free services is a good idea and free blog installation is one of them. Put a banner in your site offering free blog installation for the newbies. If you get any blog installation request by any guy, just create a blog for him at blogger/wordpress and use any free template. In that free template, add your blog link in the footer as a credit and tell that guy not to remove that link. If visitors arrive at his blog, there are chances that they will check your blog also through the footer link.

10. Stick Your Blog's Advertisement Stickers on Your Vehicle

Sticking your blog's advertisement stickers on your vehicles and on public buses will make them a moving advertisement. You may print small posters and can stick them on roadside trees, trains and walls of the houses.

11. Organize Contests and Giveaways

This is a very popular idea among bloggers to drive traffic to their blogs. You may organize a giveaway and offer any gift to the winner. In the giveaway, you can put the rules that to enter in the giveaway, visitor must subscribe to your mailing list and must share the giveaway link in their social media profiles. In this way, you can get traffic from the links shared by the visitors also.

12. Offer Newsletter Subscription

Sometimes, visitors don't have enough time to see any website thoroughly. So they just bookmark the site and leave it. But if they are surfing internet from a cybercafe or a public place and if they get a website they like, they simply look for email subscription box. If you have enabled email subscriptions, then any visitor can easily subscribe to your blog posts and in the case they forget about your site, they may come back to visit your site via email updates. So, you don't loose any visitor and your traffic remains maintained.

13. Make Your Blog Search Engine Friendly

If your blog is SEO friendly and you have optimized your blog for better search engine performance, then you will get traffic from search engines. But don't do over-optimization to be safe from Google Penguin penalty. I have posted about best SEO techniques in my blog which will help you to make your blog SEO friendly.

14. Some Other Crazy Ways

To drive traffic to your blog, there are some crazy ways also. But if your blog is about business purpose or contains high quality content related to Online Marketing, SEO etc then you must not use these crazy things I'm gonna tell you.
i) Create a fake girl's profile and promote your blog links in social media
ii) Shorten your blog urls and share with the 18+ titles (don't include any porn material in the links) in social media. This works great because people over internet click the links having any adult title, but remember, this method is not suitable for serious bloggers. It may spoil your blogger image.
iii) Write your blog url in school walls, public toilets, benches in parks, currency notes etc.

Now, I hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you liked this article, share it with your friends and subscribe our newsletter using the email subscription widget from the right sidebar. If you have any queries, comment below. I'd respond to your comments.


  1. the article is nice but the last one is funny "public toilets" lol....

    1. yup... that's why I called that a "Crazy Method". :p

    2. Hi Ashutosh,

      I have read over and over about article of this types. I agree with you on some the tips you share in this article and i disagree with some.

      Advertise in Local Newspaper and Magazines => This is one the way i will never advise new blogger to go for, advertising on newspaper or magazine is very explesive to what you will get in return.

      I will rather spend my money facebook, google ads than newspaper. it is not a good way at all.

      The "Crazy Ways' => Hahahaha, i love that, it may sound somehow, but it is cool, since your intention is not to hurt people with the fake profiles, but it is meant to pull traffic :)

      Nice one there.

      I love all other methods you mentioned and i will put few of them into pratice.

      Thanks and have a nice weekend

      I found the link to this post on Kingged and i have also kingged it on

  2. There are different ways to drive traffic to a blog. However, the "best ways" depends on what works effectively for any blog.

    There are some blogs that don't need the giveaways ( for example) to draw traffic so it becomes important for the blogger to checkout what works best for such blog.

    Writing and sharing quality content is fundamental for growing traffic that will not depend on the search engines. Hence, every blogger must see to it that this is applied!

    I have shared this comment in - the content syndication and social marketing platform for Internet marketers, where this post was shared.

    Sunday - contributor

  3. I love your insight. I completely concur that a lot of good content is quality. Content is King and content distribution is the Queen. However, content will never be king if keywords fail.

    One problem about Keywords is that, it is sometimes overused or under-used or used in a wrong way. Creating content that can magnetize traffic doesn’t focus too much with keywords, focus on your purpose. I believe in that.

    As what I've said the distribution is the queen and number 4 "Share Your Articles Over the Internet And Make Your Presence" coincides with the thought.

    Awesome piece all in all!

    I left this comment on, the content curation website and blogging community.


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