Wednesday 24 December 2014

Videocon Infinium Z50 Nova : The Best Budget Smartphone For Everyone

Videocon Infinium Z50 Nova : The Best Budget Smartphone For Everyone
Videocon has launched so many smartphones and its Infinium Z50 Nova is a great budget phone for every person who wants a budget phone with great features. Personally I am a die hard fan of Xiaomi smartphones but after giving this phone a try, I had to say that it can beat any other phones available at this price range. Videocon Infinium Z50 Nova looks stylish and it passed all the tests I performed over it. Everything is ok with this phone but camera quality of Xiaomi MI3 is better than this phone, but Xiaomi had stopped selling MI3 in India so Videocon Infinium Z50 Nova will be the best option for the budget price phone. Let's have a look over its specifications:

> It has a 5 inch IPS qHD display with the resolution of 960x540 pixels. It gives you clear visibility under sunlight also.
> It is equipped with Dual Core Mali-400 GPU which clocks at 500MHz resulting less heat while playing HD games and watching HD videos.
> It has 8 MP primary camera with auto focus that takes stunning photos in low light also. For selfies and video calling it has a 2 MP front camera also. You can record full HD video at the resolution of 1920x1080 and LED flash is also available for taking clear pictures in dark.
> It has a Mediatek SOC 1.3 GHz Quad Core processor, which is less than Xiaomi Redmi 1S, but that doesn't cause any lags. So you can play heavy duty games easily.
> It has 1 GB DDR 2 RAM which is good for multitasking. You can run multiple apps in background without any lags.
> It has 8 GB of internal storage space and storage can be expanded upto 32 GB using micro SD cards. If you are a mobile gamer then 8 GB of internal storage may be less for you, but at the price tag of Rs.5999, it is acceptable.
> It has a 1900mAh battery which is sufficient for music playback and regular usage.
> It runs on Android 4.4.2 KitKat version and that can be upgraded to the newer versions of Android. New OS helps you to manage resources smartly.
Videocon Infinium Z50 Nova comes with support of WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and Micro USB connections. You can create WiFi hotspot with this phone also.
> It has GPS and 3G support also.
> Videocon has added its own "V-Safe" antivirus to protect the smartphone from malware and for personal protection "V-Security" has been added which works with GPS.
> It has dual SIM support (GSM + WCDMA), 2G+3G and you can use standard and micro SIM as well.
> Loudspeaker is better than average.
> Is has in built FM player with recording feature.

After all, I'd just like to say that "Go For It" because you will never get a phone like this under the price tag of Rs.5999 only.


Friday 19 December 2014

Get free .net domain for one year

Get free .net domain for one year

Hi guys, here is a great offer to grab free .net domains for your blog or website. BigRock is offering free .net domain names for everyone using a special coupon code. So don't miss this opportunity and grab free .net domains for you. Here are the steps to follow:

Visit and search for your desired domain name. I am searching for 
If it is available, then click "ADD" button.
add free domain

Now the domain will be added in your cart and then click "Checkout" button.

Now remove Privacy Protect and apply the coupon code "FLX5BF0826A". Your payable amount will become zero. Now click "Proceed to payment" button.

remove privacy protection

At the next step, login with your bigrock id and password. If you do not have any bigrock id, then sign up for a new one.


After logging in, confirm your order.

confirm order

That's it. You will get your free .net domain in your control panel. I have booked

free .net domain booked

Keep visiting for more offers and tricks.

Thursday 18 December 2014

Micromax Canvas Selfie: Does a better selfie makes a better phone?

Are you looking for a Selfie Smartphone? If yes, then we have something great for you in this article. The Indian Smartphone brand, Micromax has launched its all new Micromax Canvas Selfie featuring 13 Megapixels Front Facing & Rear Cameras. Feeling Excited? Go ahead and know more about this Smartphone.

The popular homegrown Indian smartphone brand Micromax has launched a new smartphone, which would be an attractive deal for selfie lovers. Micromax has launched the Canvas Selfie featuring 13 Megapixels camera on its front and back. With the increasing selfie fever in India, the Micromax Canvas Selfie is surely going to be one of the hottest selling smartphone in coming time. This smartphone is a great package deal for the young Indian buyers, who love to click their own pics anywhere and anytime.

However, the Micromax Canvas Selfie is not the only smartphone to feature 13 Megapixels front facing camera. Earlier, HTC also launched its selfie smartphone i.e., HTC Desire Eye, featuring 13 megapixels front and rear cameras.

Going with the name, one can easily say that the 13 Megapixels front-facing camera is the USP of the Micromax Canvas Selfie. This smartphone also houses various brilliant features like teeth whitening, skin smoothening, eye enhancement, fade dark circles, remove make-up, oil and more, which would enhance your selfies. These features together make the Canvas Selfie, a complete and brilliant selfie smartphone.

The Micromax Canvas Selfie sports a 4.7-inch HD IPS LCD display, which produces 16M colors with a resolution of 720 x 11280 pixels. The display of Canvas Selfie is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3. Running on Android 4.4 KitKat operating system, the Canvas Selfie is powered by a 1.7GHz Tru-octacore processor with 2GB of RAM. This means that this smartphone would not only click great selfies, but will also run huge applications and HD games without any complaints. This is a dual-SIM smartphone with common slots, both for memory card and the nano SIM.
Other than the 13 megapixels front-facing camera, this smartphone also houses a 13 Megapixels rear camera coupled with LED flash. To store your personal songs and video library, the Micromax Canvas Selfie offers 16GB of internal memory, which can be expanded up to 32GB with the help of an external MicroSD card. For connectivity, the Canvas Selfie supports 3G, Bluetooth, WI-Fi, WI-Fi Hotspot, GPS with A-GPS, MicroUSB and other standard options. This smartphone is fuelled by a 2300mAH strong battery.

The biggest rival of Micromax Canvas Selfie is the HTC Desire Eye, which is slated for its official launch in India very soon. There is no official word about the pricing of both HTC Desire Eye and Micromax Canvas Eye in India. We believe that the HTC Desire Eye would be launched with a price tag between Rs.40,000 to Rs.50,000. Whereas, the Micromax Canvas Selfie would be definitely much cheaper, when compared to the HTC Desire Eye.

The Micromax Canvas Selfie is an advanced Android smartphone package, which features an advanced 13 Megapixels front camera supported with brilliant selfie tools, which enhances your selfies. If you have made up your mind and decided to buy Micromax Canvas Selfie, you have to wait for the new year as this smartphone will be available in the market by January 2015.

How to change your caller id to make spoof calls

How to change your caller id to make spoof calls

Hello friends, today I'm going to share a superb trick to change your caller id while making calls. Actually when you call anyone, your number is visible for the person whom you are calling. But sometimes we don't want to share our contact number with strangers but want to talk to them. So this trick is for everyone who has to make calls to strangers without revealing your actual number. Not only this, you can play prank with your friends by calling them from their own number. Let's see how to change your caller id:

1. Download VOXOX app from this link: CLICK HERE
2. Now install the app in your device and open it. I'm testing it in my Android phone.
3. After installing, it will send a verification code on your registered number. Complete the verification process using the verification code.
4. Now your voxox app will be opened and the free credit of $1 will be rewarded. You can buy more credits using playstore wallet.
5. Tap "MORE" and then tap on "USER" under settings.

voxox settings for prank calls

6. Now you will see that a US number is set as your caller id. It means that when you make any call from the app, your US caller id will be visible on the screen of the person whom you made the call.
7. Now, to change the caller id, just tap over "Caller ID" and enter the number which you want to make your caller id and then tap OK.

change caller id

8. Now tap "CALLS" tab and dial any number you want to make your call at and then make the call.

dialing prank call with fake caller id

Now the person who received your call will see the fake caller id of fake number you used in the voxox app.

Note : You can play pranks with your friends also. Just change your caller id with their numbers and call them. Your friends will be surprised after getting a call from their own number.

Sunday 7 December 2014

Crash your friends' whatsapp by sending a message

Crash your friends' whatsapp by sending a message

Hi guys, today I'm gonna share a prank using which you can crash your friends' whatsapp and make them worried. This prank is tested and working perfectly. All you need to do is just copy the text given below and send it to your friends on whatsapp. When they will open your message, their whatsapp will be crashed. I made a lot of fun with this prank code and my friends got worried that some bug has took place in their whatsapp. So, here is the text you have to copy and send to your friends:

㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ
㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠
ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰
ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㰟
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊊ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰
ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊠ ߘ㊰ߘ㊰ߘ㊠ ߘ
㊠ ߘ㠊ߘ㊠ ߘ

I suggest you to open this page in your mobile and then copy the whole code given above. Then paste it in whatsapp message and send to your friends.

Note : After sending this code, you and your friend both can't open each other's messages. So to be able to read each other's messages, just delete the conversation history of your friend and then you will be able to send messages to him.

Thursday 4 December 2014

Get Free Rs.1000 to book air tickets, bus ticket and hotels with goibibo app

Get Free Rs.1000 to book air tickets, bus ticket and hotels with goibibo app
Hi friends, goibibo is offering free Rs.1000 to book bus tickets, air tickets and hotels all over the India. This is an amazing app which offer awesome discounts on your bookings so you must give it a try. For its new users who are referred by another user, it is giving a reward of Rs.1000 for their bookings. So I'm referring you all with my referral code to get free Rs.1000 credits to book your tickets with goibibo app. Follow the instructions below:

1. From playstore, download goibibo app and install it in your android mobile. Click here to download.
2. Now open it and a message will popup as shown in the image. Tap "Sign Up" button.

download and install goibibo app

3. At the next screen, enter your name, mail id and mobile number. Now use the referral code : 1427EEE and tap sign up.
NOTE : Entering the referral code is compulsory to get free Rs.1000 credits. If you don't use the referral code, you will not get anything. So use 1427EEE as referral code.
4. Now you will get a verification message on your phone. Use the verification code received via SMS to verify your account.

sign up with referral code and verify mobile

5. At the next screen, you will see a congratulations message and will get a mail from goibibo that your reward has been credited in your goibibo wallet.

reward credited

Now open the app, book any ticket billed under Rs.1000 and travel free of cost. You will get extra 10% of the booking amount if any friend books any ticket or hotel. Keep visiting PC Tricks Guru for more offers.

Thursday 27 November 2014

Get Free Mobile Recharges From Uminto

Get Free Mobile Recharges From Uminto

Hi friends. I regularly share some free recharge tricks and offers on my blog and I hope you all have enjoyed the posts. Today I'm gonna tell you about another website which offers free mobile recharges for playing games, checking mails, playing games, sending free SMS and the best part is, referring your friends. For each activity to make on this site you get reward points which can be redeemed as free talktime. For each valid referral, you get Rs.5 and the minimum payout amount is Rs.10 only. Means you can sign up and refer your two friends to get Rs.10 free recharge. The more friends you refer, the more talktime you earn. I have already shared the list of some best free recharge sites in my blog but the method to get recharges from this site is a little different so I thought I should create a different tutorial for this site. So, here we go...

1. Click This Link and sign up for a free Uminto account.
2. After sign up, uminto will send a verification code in your mail id, just enter that code in the uminto verification code box and verify your account. Now login to your account and complete your profile.
3. Now start doing any task from the site you like, you will get rewarded with reward points.
4. To invite your friends, click Invite My Friends tab from your dashboard and copy your referral link and send to your friends or use the social media sharing widgets.
5. When any friend joins through your referral link, you will get an SMS on your mobile regarding your rewards.
6. Now, you can validate your referrals to get your reward points. To validate your referrals, click "Invited Friends List". You will see the list of people who have joined through your referral link. There, you will see a green button "Validate to get Rs.5", just click on that green button and your referral will be validated and the amount will be added into your account. After validation, the validation buttons will be disappeared and you will see "Amount Credited"

validating free recharge balance

7. Now click "Recharge My Mobile" tab from the dashboard sidebar.
8. Now fill your mobile number details and select the amount and click "Recharge Mobile" button.

recharge mobile

9. Your mobile will be recharged instantly and you will see the recharge successful message.


Keep visiting for more free recharge tricks and don't forget to subscribe and share my blog with your friends.

Wednesday 26 November 2014

Know your bank account balance by giving a missed call

Know your bank account balance by giving a missed call
Indian banks have started a great service, missed call banking, which gives you your bank account balance details right on your mobile via SMS. In this service, you need to give a missed call on the numbers provided by banks from your registered mobile number. If the mobile number is registered with your bank account, you will get a message on your mobile having your bank balance details after giving the missed call. Here is the list of the numbers for Indian banks on which you can give missed call to know your bank balance:
  • Axis Bank : 09225892258
  • Andhra Bank : 09223011300
  • Allahabad Bank : 09224150150
  • Bank of Baroda :  09223011311
  • Bhartiya Mahila Bank : 09212438888
  • Dhanlaxmi Bank : 08067747700
  • IDBI Bank : 09212993399
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank : 18002740110
  • Syndicate Bank : 09664552255 (To register for the missed call service, Type SREG YourCustomerID and send it to 09664552255, Example – SREG 123456789 and send it to 09664552255)
  • Punjab National Bank (PNB) : 18001802222
  • ICICI Bank : 02230256767
  • HDFC Bank : 18002703333
  • Bank Of India : 02233598548
  • Canara Bank : 09289292892
  • Central Bank Of India : 09222250000
  • Karnataka Bank : 18004251445
  • Indian Bank : 09289592895
  • State Bank Of India : Missed Call service is not available for SBI yet, but you can call on tollfree numbers 1800112211 and 18004253800 to know your balance through IVR.
  • Union Bank Of India : 09223009292
  • UCO Bank : 09278792787
  • Vijaya Bank : 18002665555
  • Yes Bank : 09840909000
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Thursday 13 November 2014

Get Rs.50 free recharge just by downloading TimesCity app

Hi friends! A few days ago, I shared a trick to get Rs.50 free recharge from gaana app and now here is another app which gives you free paytm Rs.50 coupon on the same concept which was used in Gaana app. This app is TimesCity app and you can download it from this link. Lets see how to get your free paytm Rs.50 free recharge coupon from TimesCity app.

> Download TimesCity app from this link and install it in your android device.
> Now open the app and you will see the login screen. Just tap "FACEBOOK SIGN UP" button and you will be logged into the app. If it says you to choose your location then simply select any city name.

download times city app

> Now, open the menu of the app and tap "Get Rewards" option.
> Now on the rewards page, you will see two tabs, "Referral" and "Reward". Your paytm coupon will appear under Reward tab. Simply note down the coupon and exit from the app.

get your paytm coupon

> Now open paytm app and fill your mobile number details and recharge amount as Rs.50 and click "Proceed".
> At the next page, enter your coupon code and tap Apply button.

appy paytm coupon to get your free recharge

> Now you will see that you have got Rs.50 discount and your payable amount will be 0.
> That's it. tap "Recharge Now" button and your mobile will be recharged with Rs.50

recharge successful

NOTE: Please use my referral code FUMX to get a free pizza.

Enjoy and keep visiting for more free recharge tricks.

Sunday 2 November 2014

Get free mobile recharges for installing apps in your mobile

Get free mobile recharges for installing apps in your mobile
Getting free mobile recharges is very easy these days and if you have a smartphone with android OS then it is the biggest plus point for you. Well, there are so many apps available in playstore which offer free talktime for installing android apps but most of them are fake and they don't give any recharge. Sometimes, if you have already installed any app and you install it again from free talktime apps then they don't give you any credit. But today I found an awesome app which gives you free recharges for installing small apps, even if you have already used them in your mobile. After getting the free credit, you can uninstall the apps also. The app is called "Ladooo". Let's see the procedure to get free recharges from ladooo app:

1. Install Ladooo app from playstore. Click This Link to install it.
2. Now open it and verify your mobile number.
3. After mobile verification, you will see it's homescreen where you will see some app names having some reward amount you will get after installing them.

offers in ladooo app

4. Now tap "Get It" button and from the next page, tap Install button to install the app from playstore.

install apps from ladooo offer list

5. After installing the app, open Ladooo and refresh it by swiping the screen downwards. You will see a clock icon on the installed app. Just click that icon. You will see another page where you will see a REDEEM button. Tap that button. A popup will appear to open the app. Tap OPEN and the installed app will open.

redeem amount in ladooo

6. Use the app for a few seconds and you will get a notification that the reward amount is credited in your ladooo wallet. In the same way, you can add credits in your ladooo wallet and then can recharge any mobile with your free credits.

free recharge any mobile with ladooo credits

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Tuesday 28 October 2014

Make cheap international calls with Tring app

Tring app
Hi friends, yesterday I posted about making cheap rate international calls with Flipcall app and today also, the topic is the same, only the app is different. Yes, today I'm gonna tell you about another app which is offering cheap rate calls, cheaper than Flipcall...!!
This app is called "Tring" and it offers national and international calls  at very cheap rates. I tested this app and it worked fine. Sometimes, call voice quality is poor because its the beta version but overall performance of this app is good. Here are the steps to use this app:

1. Download Tring app from play store, use this link to download it.
2. Now install it in your android device and open it.
3. Once you open the app, it will ask your mobile number. Just enter your mobile number.
4. Now this app will make a call to verify whether you are using your own number or an alive number.
5. Now after verification, the app is ready to be used.
6. Open the app and start making calls. For testing, this app gives free credits of $0.5 also.

Make cheap international calls with Tring app

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Sunday 26 October 2014

Make worldwide calls at cheap rates using Flipcall app

Make worldwide calls at cheap rates using Flipcall app

Hey friends, its very long I've posted any article. Actually I'm busy with my job and I hardly get some free time to update my blogs. But today I've got some time and hence I'm sharing a short post for you all. This post is about an android app called "Flipcall" (i think it is inspired from flipkart, lol) which is offering cheap national and international calls. I downloaded this app and tested and it worked very well. So, here is a short tutorial on using this app.

1. Download Flipcall app from playstore. Click here for the playstore link.
2. Now install it in your device and open it. It will ask for your mobile number. Simply enter your mobile number. The app will call on this number to connect with the other number and will use this number as your caller id.
3. Now after entering your mobile number, it will ask for the permission to read your contact list, simply allow it.
4. Now on your phone screen, you will see the contact list stored in your mobile. Just tap over any number you want to call and the app will call you.
5. Once you pick up the call, it will connect your call with the dialed number and that's it, you can start talking with your friend.
6. Currently, this app is offering free credit of $1 to make free calls. After using your free credits, you can add money in your wallet and use that to make calls at cheap rates.

making cheap calls with flipcall

Keep talking and keep visiting. Good day!

Wednesday 1 October 2014

Get free recharge of Rs.110 by downloading gaana app

Get free recharge of Rs.50 by downloading gaana app

Hi there, today I'll share another great offer to get free recharge of Rs.50 just by downloading a small android app. is a popular site which offers premium music and latest releases. It is offering free recharge of Rs.50 to its new android app users. If you don't have an account on, then you can use this offer and get a free talktime of Rs.50, follow the steps.

1. Download gaana app from playstore. Click here to download gaana app from playstore.
2. Now install it in your mobile and open it. After opening the app, tap login with facebook button and login with your facebook account.

login with facebook in gaana app

3. After successful login, you will get a popup message having a paytm Rs.50 instant discount promo code. Just note down that code and redeem it from paytm app or website by doing a Rs.50 recharge using this promo code.

paytm free rs 50 recharge code

Note :
1) This offer is valid for new users only who don't have created any account on
2) Only facebook id which is at least 90 days old and having 10+ friends will be eligible for the recharge promo code.

> Download gaana app from THIS LINK and install in your phone and use the referral code E5F5WM while sign up .
> You will get Rs.10 as sign up bonus. Now tap menu and from rewards section, get your referral link and share with your friends. For each referral, you will get Rs.20 paytm coupon.
> You can refer maximum of 5 friends and for them, you will get 20*5 = 100 rs paytm coupons.
> After collecting 100+10 Rs, you can redeem your coupons on paytm app. You can use them to add cash to your paytm wallet also.

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Friday 1 August 2014

Buy Asus Zenfone 4 At Lowest Price With Review

Buy Asus Zenfone 4 At Lowest Price With Review

Asus has recently launched its smartest budget phones "Zenfone 4", "Zenfone 5" and "Zenfone 6". After looking at the features of this phone, you will find that these phones are designed to compete with Moto E and Moto G. Asus has put its best in Zenfone 4 and tried to make it available at as lowest price as it can. Zenfone 4 is really a great option for the people who are looking for a powerful android smartphone at a very low price. Lets have a look over its features and configuration:
  • Dimension : 124.4 x 61.4 x 6.3-11.2
  • Weight : 115 g
  • Dual SIM : Yes
  • Network Support : 2G and 3G both
  • Display : TFT capacitive touchscreen with 16M colors, 4 inch screen size with 480x800 pixels and multitouch support. Screen protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  • Sound : Loudspeaker support, 3.5mm jack
  • Memory : 8 GB internal, expandable upto 64 GB with micro SD card. 1 GB RAM
  • Data : 2G/3G support, WiFi, WiFi HotSpot, Bluetooth and Micro USB
  • Camera : 5 MP rear camera, 2592х1944 pixels with autofocus support. Video recording at 30fps with 1080p.
  • Front Camera : Yes, 0.3 MP
  • OS : Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, can be upgraded with 4.4 KitKat.
  • Chipset : Intel Atom Z2520
  • CPU : Dual Core 1.2Ghz
  • GPU : PowerVR SGX544MP2
  • GPS : Yes, with A-GPS, GLONASS
  • Battery : 1600 mAh, 12 Hours 3G talktime, Standby upto 192 hours
  • Others : panorama, face detection, accelerometer, proximity sensor, java support etc are other features of this phone.
  • MRP : Rs.5999 only
Buy Asus Zenfone 4 A400CG from

Tuesday 22 July 2014

Line app offering free talktime and goodies via FriendConverter

Line app offering free talktime and goodies via FriendConverted
Line is a cool instant messenger app which can be downloaded for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Windows PC and Windows 8 also. You can use it for chatting with your friends and making free voice and video calls. Recently, line has launched an offer via Friend Converter website in which you can invite your friends to use Line app and can earn free talktime, restaurant vouchers, shopping vouchers and can win a Tablet and an iPhone also. Excited...?? Let me tell you the procedure to get your prizes and do fast because this offer is just for one month only.

Steps To Enter In Line Free Talktime and Goodies Offer:

  • First of all, CLICK THIS LINK and download and install line app in your android device. If you are redirected to the homepage of FriendConverter, then register for a free account there.
  • Now after registering for an account, login to your account and get your unique link.
  • After getting your unique link, share it with your friends and tell them to click that link and download and install line app in their phone.
  • After successful Line registrations, you will get rewards as per the milestones decided.
line app reward plan

So what are you waiting for? Just click the above link and start spreading Line and get your free talktime and goodies.

Monday 7 July 2014

How to get start menu in windows 8

How to get start menu in windows 8

Hi friends, if you are using windows 8 then you are aware of the metro start screen. In windows 8, Microsoft did not provide start menu in windows 8 and so many users were not happy with start screen. So later, windows provided windows 8.1 update and brought the start menu back. So many improvements were also included in this update.
Well, if you are still using windows 8 and want to add start menu in windows 8 then I'm going to tell you an easy way to get start menu for windows 8. Just follow the steps below:
  • Download iObit Start Menu for Windows 8 from this link.
  • After downloading the setup, install it in your computer.
  • That's it. Once the installation gets finished, you will see start button in the bottom left side of your screen.
  • Click that start button and access it as you used to do with other Microsoft OSs.
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Monday 30 June 2014

How to create shortcut icons for shutdown, restart and logout in windows 8

How to create shortcut icons for shutdown, restart and logout in windows 8
In windows 8, to access shutdown, restart and logout, we need to move our mouse in the top right corner and then use these options from the Settings>Power button. But what if you could get extra buttons for shutdown, restart and logout right on your desktop or in your taskbar, or in your taskbar?
Well, In this post, I'll tell you how to create shortcuts for shutdown, restart and logout in your task bar from where you can perform these actions just in a single click. simply follow the steps:
1. Right click on your desktop and click New > Shortcut.

new shortcut

2. Now type shutdown.exe /s /t 0 in the create shortcut box and click NEXT.

create shortcut

3. Now type the name of the shortcut, such as shutdown and click FINISH.


4. Now a shortcut icon will be created on your desktop. Right click over this icon and click PROPERTIES. Then click CHANGE ICON.

change icon

5. Now select any icon you like and click OK. The icon of your shortcut will be changed.

select any icon

6. Now, you can drag it and drop into your taskbar to make it a shutdown button. In the same way, you can create shortcut buttons for logout and restart also. Use the following text for step 2:
Logout : shutdown.exe /l
Restart : shutdown.exe /r /t 0
That's it. You have created your shortcut icons for shutdown, logout and restart. You can download the buttons from this link also.

Wednesday 25 June 2014

Apple iPod Giveaway Winner Announced...!!

Apple iPod Giveaway Winner Announced...!!

Hi guys, its time to announce the name of the winner of the giveaway Win Apple iPod Shuffle + JXD PMP + SanDisk MMC. As I told already that the winner selection process will be fair, I've made a live video of winner selection process. I've used my Random Number Generator app to choose the winner. So, here is the video of winner selection process.

And finally, the winner is comment number 6, SHUBHAN KUMAR. Congratulations Shubhan Kumar for your winning.
The winner must have to mail me his Identity proof. This may be a scanned copy of PAN CARD, PASSPORT, VOTER ID, AADHAAR CARD, ID CARD OF SCHOOL/COLLEGE. Mail me your complete postal address with your mobile number and ID Proof before 6th July 2014 to be eligible to get your prize. If the winner fails to send me the required details before 6th July 2014, the prize will be given to any other lucky winner which will be decided by my Random Number Generator app.

Prize delivered successfully to the winner. Here is the photo shared by him.

shubhan kumar

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