Thursday, 29 January 2015

End your smartphone search at Samsung Galaxy Note 4: The Beast

If you are looking for the most high-end smartphone then two smartphones may strike your brain. One is from the topmost leader of the technology, the Apple. Its beast is iPhone 6 Plus and on side by side, the top leader Galaxy Note 4 and the Note 4 is the winner because of its latest technology and specs.

Samsung has implemented the 16MP sensor in the Note 4 and the Key parameters of the camera are now displayed in a special vertical panel. However, if there is a need for advanced management, you can go to the matrix of a variety of settings. But not in the number of settings and abundance of different presets salt. The main thing - it's the quality of the photos. And here there are no problems in the Note IV. HDR function can be activated directly from the viewfinder - no need somewhere to climb for its shift. ISO settings manually can range from 100 to 800.

Automatic mode in Note 4 does the perfect job of selecting optimum performance. Noise for the most part do not, the picture is clear and detailed. Object boundaries do not spread - all within normal limits. The only thing - we do recommend several identical frames. Even with a shut-off setting an HDR image can be blurred, so it's best not to risk it. Note 4 able to record the video in the resolution Ultra HD, ie 3840 to 2160 pixels and at 30 frames per second. Do not forget to set the video settings with appropriate parameters. Of course, the camera can record slow motion video. Objects can slow down the speed of eight times. Do not forget the developers and pro video acceleration. The speed is increased eight times. In both cases, record audio stream is not conducted.

Traditionally, from the next series smartphone Note waiting for something sort. And the fourth version of the smartphone in this regard does not let us down. Something we already familiar and underwent improvements, but something just debuted. In general, talk about the most interesting feature. Note 4 carry the latest TouchWiz custom UI from Samsung. In such a case on the desktops will be only the necessary applications and main contacts, and icons will be as large as possible.

You can change, zoom windows, move them around, and so on. Using the tool "Move content" can be from a single window, for example, from the Browser to drag in another - in the message field, some text or a picture. In other words, no need to resort to instruments of "copy / paste".

Training schedules, counting calories and steps - all this, of course, in its place. Now in Note 4 have additional features: heart rate measurement, blood oxygen and ultraviolet radiation from the sun. For all of these functions correspond to sensors located on the back cover of your smartphone. And new innovations are expected with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

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Zara Andrew

This article is a guest article written by Zara Andrew. She is from Scotland, UK. She is a reader and guest blogger. She has been writing contents on the web professionally. As an avid reader and blogger, she shares her experience through her articles on Travel, Education, Technology, parenting and many more Health and Fitness. Currently she is working for dsa practical test.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Explore the secret game of Google Chrome

Explore the secret game of Google Chrome
Hi friends, whenever you are offline and try to open a webpage in google chrome, you see the "Webpage Not Found" or "You Are Offline" page in your browser. But have you ever noticed that T-Rex icon on the web page not found page? Have you ever tried to know why there is a T-Rex on that page?
Well, that's not just a T-Rex, that's a secret game hidden inside the chrome and you can play this game in pc as well as mobile chrome browser also. Here is how you can access that game.

1. Disconnect your computer from internet and open google chrome browser.
2. Now try to open any website. You will see webpage not found page.
3. In the webpage not found page, you will see that T-Rex icon. Just press spacebar from your keyboard.
4. Wow...!! That T-Rex starts running and you have got a nice game too.
5. Keep pressing spacebar to jump over the obstacles and enjoy the secret game of chrome browser.

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Friday, 23 January 2015

How to use WhatsApp web version in your computer?

How to use WhatsApp web version in your computer?

Recently, WhatsApp, I mean Facebook has launched the web version of WhatsApp. Yes! WhatsApp is the most popular instant messenging app and till date, it was used in smartphones. To use WhatsApp in a PC, we had to use emulators. But now it is available in web version also which means you can use WhatsApp web version directly from your computer but there is a small limitation that both the devices, computer and mobile must be connected with the internet otherwise you will not be able to use this service, and one more thing, WhatsApp web version works with Google Chrome browser only. So, lets have a look over the procedure to connect your WhatsApp account with WhatsApp web version and use it in your computer.

1. Open WhatsApp in your mobile and from the menu, tap "WhatsApp Web" option.
2. In the next step, WhatsApp will ask you to scan the QR code available on the WhatsApp web page.

pairing whatsapp from phone to pc

3. Now visit from your pc using google chrome browser and scan the QR code given on the page using your phone's camera.

scan the qr code

4. After scanning the code your mobile will be paired with WhatsApp web and you will be able to use your WhatsApp account from your computer.

whatsapp web version

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Monday, 19 January 2015

How to track the exact location of a lost Android phone?

How to track the exact location of a lost Android phone?

Today, almost every person is a smartphone user and maximum smartphone users use Android phones. For our generation, we can't live without our phones and suppose if it gets stolen or lost then? And what if the phone is very costly? Don't worry. I am going to tell you a way to track the exact location of a lost android phone. This doesn't guarantee that you will get your phone back but at least you can know at which place your phone is being used and can even lock your phone and erase all the data remotely. If you know the location of your phone then it becomes easy for the investigator to get to the person who is using the stolen phone. So, let us start the tutorial:

1. The first thing you need is to install the Android Device Manager in your phone and set it as the phone administrator (this will help you to lock your phone and erase the data). Generally, all new android phones come with Android Device Manager pre installed, but if you don't have Android Device Manager installed in your phone, you can download and install it from this playstore link.
2. Now to make it the phone administrator, open phone settings > security > device administrators > Android Device Manager. (All android users must keep this setting enabled in their phone for future tracking)
3. Now its time to track the location of the phone. Open your browser and visit this link.
4. Now login using the gmail id which you used with your phone for google services like playstore, gmail etc.

login with gmail to track your lost phone

5. After logging in, you will see that Android Device Manager is tracking the location of your phone and very soon, you will get the location of your phone in the map with a blue circle.
6. That's it. Now you know where your phone is at that time. You can ring your phone, lock it or erase it using the control buttons of Android Device Manager as shown in the image below.

phone location tracking

So next time, if you loose your phone or want to help your friend in tracking his/her lost phone, don't forget to give this trick a try. If the lost phone is connected with internet and is GPS enabled phone, then it will be tracked easily.

Other great tools to track your lost phone:

Enjoy tracking the location of lost phones and keep visiting for more tricks.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

How to open blocked websites in any country

How to open blocked websites in any country

Recently, Indian government has blocked so many sites and most of them were very useful for students and programmers. I don't know what's wrong with them and why they are doing this type of sh*t on the very first day of year. Well, it is a good step to stop piracy but blocking the sites is not a good idea because on these sites, we get educational materials and so many good stuff also. By the way, like other people, I'm also not satisfied with the decision of government to block the access of particular websites. So, here is a solution for all the poor people who want to access these sites without doing any geek thing or any difficult task like DNS Masking or adding proxies to your web browser etc.
You can access any blocked site easily using a tool called "UltraSurf" which was made by Ultrareach Internet Corporation to help people in China to find freedom online and access any website. This tool is now loved by million of people including me and this is because this tool is very easy to use and you can surf blocked sites without making any changes to your browser. So here is a short tutorial for using UltraSurf.

> Download UltraSurf Tool from this link and extract the file and run the exe file.
> Now you will see that your PC will be connected with a proxy automatically with UltraSurf.

open blocked sites with ultrasurf

> Now an internet explorer window will open automatically but you can close it and use your favorite browser.
> Now try to access the blocked site in your country. You will see that after turning ultrasurf on, you will be able to open the blocked site.

blocked site opened

Note: If you use opera browser for web browsing, then you may open blocked sites with Opera Turbo also.
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