Thursday 1 January 2015

How to open blocked websites in any country

How to open blocked websites in any country

Recently, Indian government has blocked so many sites and most of them were very useful for students and programmers. I don't know what's wrong with them and why they are doing this type of sh*t on the very first day of year. Well, it is a good step to stop piracy but blocking the sites is not a good idea because on these sites, we get educational materials and so many good stuff also. By the way, like other people, I'm also not satisfied with the decision of government to block the access of particular websites. So, here is a solution for all the poor people who want to access these sites without doing any geek thing or any difficult task like DNS Masking or adding proxies to your web browser etc.
You can access any blocked site easily using a tool called "UltraSurf" which was made by Ultrareach Internet Corporation to help people in China to find freedom online and access any website. This tool is now loved by million of people including me and this is because this tool is very easy to use and you can surf blocked sites without making any changes to your browser. So here is a short tutorial for using UltraSurf.

> Download UltraSurf Tool from this link and extract the file and run the exe file.
> Now you will see that your PC will be connected with a proxy automatically with UltraSurf.

open blocked sites with ultrasurf

> Now an internet explorer window will open automatically but you can close it and use your favorite browser.
> Now try to access the blocked site in your country. You will see that after turning ultrasurf on, you will be able to open the blocked site.

blocked site opened

Note: If you use opera browser for web browsing, then you may open blocked sites with Opera Turbo also.
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