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Get refund for your Amazon order without returning the product : Scam Alert

Get refund for your Amazon order without returning the product : Exposing the Scam
In facebook or in some forums, you might have seen some guys offering refund for your amazon products without returning the product, even after delivery of the product. Sounds interesting, right? I also went through a post in a facebook group where a guy posted that he will provide refund for Amazon products. He was asking for 30% of the amount as his commission once you get the refund in your account. The only condition was that the product must be delivered within 30 days of making the deal with the guy.
I knew that he would definitely do any kind of scam to get the refund because earlier also, people were fooling amazon saying that their order status shows delivered in the amazon account but they never got the product delivered to them and amazon was providing refunds to them without any investigation from their side.
I thought I should play prank on the scammer to know exactly what he is going to do with amazon to get the refund. So I contacted the guy and told him that I want to get the refund. He asked my user id and password. I gave him my amazon login id and password (I changed the password temporarily before providing it to him) and after a few minutes, I got an email from amazon support that the conversation was ended in between and I reported that the ordered item was missing in the box. After a few minutes, I got another mail from amazon that the refund for my order has been started and the amount will be sent to my credit card.
The guy who asked for the refund on behalf of me tried to convince me that he is going to provide me the refund, not amazon. But I got the "Trick" he was using to scam amazon and I told him that I'm going to report amazon about this fraud. (I told him that I'm a government employee and I can't be involved in this scam as it would ruin my career, lol, but later I told him that the whole process was actually a trap to expose the illegal practice he had been doing from long time). He tried threatening me that he is going to file a complaint against me in Amazon and then he deactivated his facebook account.
Well, the whole thing was funny for me but it is actually a serious issue for Amazon. These guys are causing loss to amazon and this is not a right thing according to me. I'm a customer of Amazon and it never disappointed me with its services so I thought I should be good for Amazon too. And yes, I sent the mail to amazon and sent a tweet to amazon to cancel the refund request for my order which they did before the payment was credited to my account, thank God! I'm uploading the single screenshot of the whole conversation with the scammer and the refund mail from Amazon.

Check the screenshot of conversation: (Zoom the image to see the text clearly)

This is the mail which let me know what did that guy do to request for refund. That's why I came to know that he said that he got the product delivered but the box was empty. Check the screenshot here :

In the previous mail, the immediate refund request was cancelled and the case was escalated to accounts or refund team, and surprisingly they processed the refund. See the screenshot of  the Refund Mail:

I've seen some proofs that people got full refund for iPhones too using this scam. Just one request to amazon, please check the things before providing the refunds for the cases that claim "My ordered item was missing from the box" because it is very rare and there are 99% chances that the person who is reporting this kind of situation to get refund is a SCAMMER.
I hope amazon will improve their policies for the refund and will do the full investigation for these kind of fraud in future and will minimize the loss to their sellers and their own company.

I had a conversation with Amazon India team on twitter and on their chat support link and reported this issue and got the assurance that Amazon will work internally to look for this matter and will take action against the scammers. Today, some random guys shared the screenshots of mails they received from amazon. Looks like Amazon has started taking action agains the culprits.
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Concept of online coupon codes and offers

online stores and coupons
As far as business point of view is concerned, coupon code and promo codes are specific way to promote products and brands among customers. This is one of the most specific ways to bring your products in the market.  Although there is various traditional and commercial ways to promote business but as per market demand online coupon codes are the best way to get recognition and response from customer. Promoscode is offering quite similar facility for users to change the way of shopping.

At the point when coupon codes initially started flowing, they were not frequently found on the retailer's site. Rather, coupon codes showed up on related shopping locales so as to lead customers to the retailer's online store. Today, numerous retailers keep on having coupons on related sites, additionally offer at least one coupon code on their store's sites or through weekly messages that are conveyed to their clients.

The most ideal approach to find a coupon code is by utilizing your most loved web crawler, for example, Google and writing in "Coupon Code". This will create a rundown of sites that offer coupon codes. Customers would then be able to visit the sites and look at the coupon investment funds that are accessible.  In some cases customers can discover coupon codes for particular stores after they have chosen what they need to buy. This should be possible by putting the retailer's name and coupon code into the web index.

For instance, if a customer knew they needed to buy a dress from stores, they could locate the accessible coupon codes for products by entering "discount coupon codes". A rundown of sites would then be created and they would then visit the sites to look for a discount coupon that they could use to avail the discount while purchasing the dress.  

There are various resources that avail various types of coupons and deals for different products.  Clients may get these coupons from different sources, including national daily newspapers and the Internet, with sites offering free printable basic need coupons can be printed at home and utilize them at retail location. Some real basic need chains additionally deliver advanced coupons that might be stacked onto the retailer's dependability card at home, or at a coupon apportioning machine situated in store. In 2011, the best five vehicles for dispersing purchaser bundled merchandise coupons in the U.S. were: the Free Standing Insert, a coupon booklet circulated through daily papers and different sources (89.4%); in-store appropriation (4.2.%); post office based mail (2.3%); magazines (1.5%); and coupons disseminated on or in item bundling (1.3%). Other conveyance strategies together represented fewer than 2% of all coupons dispersed. There are coupon-giving sites that furnish clients with coupons of different stores. These locales gather coupons from different sources. brings maximum numbers of stores and deals for customers and makes online shopping experience the best and economical.  These things are vital and beneficial for customers that will make their task and budget easier.

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