Wednesday 26 February 2014

What are Google Panda and Google Penguine

What are Google Panda and Google Penguine
Google Panda and Google Penguin updates have affected search engine queries a lot. These updates help in the ranking algorithm of google and provides quality results on the top for the searched queries. Before these updates were launched, the sites which used copied contents and black hat SEO methods were getting the top rankings, so to keep these types of spam sites away from the top page, google launched Google Panda and Google Penguin. Let us know about google panda and google penguin in detail.

What is Google Panda

Google Panda is a search engine ranking algorithm. It was first released in February 2011 with the name of Farmer Update. The main aim of the Google Panda update is to lower the ranks of the sites with low quality content so that the sites with original and good quality content can be made visible on the top of the search results. Google Panda lowers down the rank of the websites having large amount of advertisements, copied contents from other sites, useless information and nonsense structure. Google Panda update is done by google time to time to improve it's search algorithm.

What is Google Penguin

Google Penguin was first appeared in April 2012. This update aims at decrease in search engine rankings of the websites which do not follow the Google's Webmaster Guidelines. This update affects the search engine rankings of the websites which use black hat SEO methods such as purchasing fake backlinks, keyword stuffing etc to increase their rankings. The main target of Google Penguin is Spamdexing and Link bombing. It is also known as Over Optimization Penalty.

Now it seems that the Content is the most important thing to get high rankings in google. But still there are some ways to recover from Google Panda and Google Penguin penalties. I'll publish some ways to recover from Google Panda and Google Penguin in my next posts. Till then, I recommend you to read these articles:

Monday 24 February 2014

Best Backlink Building Techniques For Bloggers

Best Backlink Building Techniques For Bloggers
Link Building is one of the most important factors that increases the search engine visibility and page rank. There are so many techniques for link building and so many softwares are also available which can be used in link building. But purchasing backlinks and using softwares for backlink building is not a legitimate way and the blogs which build backlinks using illegitimate ways are hit by Google Penguin penalty and their SEO score is destroyed. So, what to do to earn trusted and legitimate backlinks for your blog? Continue reading:

1. Submit Your Blog Into Blog Directories

Submitting your blog into different blog directories, such as DMOZ, can be a good way to get trusted backlinks and to drive traffic to your blog. While submitting your blog into blog directories, you must choose the category which is more suitable for your blog. This will make your blog more visible and will help your blog to be found by the directory users.

2. Commenting On High PR Blogs

You must comment on other blogs to get backlinks from them. This is the easiest way to build backlinks. You can find high PR blogs by searching on google, because I've seen huge list of high page ranked blogs to comment on in so many forums and it is not possible for me to mention them all here in this post. If you still feel any difficulties in finding some blogs to comment, then you can use Scrapebox tool.

3. Use Your Blog Links In Your Social Media Profiles

If you have made your profiles in Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn etc then you must use your blog links in your profile descriptions because linking your own blog links with your profiles will link your blog links with social media sites also. Not only this, there are some search engines and websites which collect data by searching in the social media profiles of the people so if you have linked your blog links with your social media profile then you will automatically get backlinks from these types of search engines and websites.

4. Write Guest Posts On Other Blogs

You can get more backlinks by writing quality guest posts on other blogs. This may help you in backlink building and can drive some more traffic from the blog where you wrote your guest post.

5. Get Some Backlinks From Government Websites

Find some .gov or .edu websites and comment there and include your blog link in the comments. These websites are highly valued and trusted so you will get quality backlinks which may increase your page rank. You may use Drop My Link site to find some government sites to comment on.

6. Contact Web Admins of Computer Institutes/Schools/Colleges For Backlinks

If you are expert in some field, for example Android App Development, and your content is really helpful for students then you may contact website admins of computer institutes, colleges and schools and ask them to provide a backlink to your site after reviewing your site. They will check your site and if they will find it really useful for their students, then they will mention your site on their website as resource for their studies. In this way you will get backlinks.

7. Join Forums And Comment In Them With Your Links

Forums are also a great way to get backlinks and traffic. Search for the topics in the forums which are related with niche of your blog and answer the questions of the members. In each answer, add a link from your blog which may be useful for the user. This will bring massive traffic to your blog and you will get backlinks from that forum.

8. Do Some Volunteer Work

Suppose you have great skills in web designing and you can develop a website, then you can do volunteer work for government websites or other organizations. If you find any website which you think doesn't look good or you can make it better than currently it is, then you can contact the website's admin and ask to contribute your work for them. If they accept your proposal, then you can design some webpages for them under their domain and can get backlinks for your own blog.
Best Backlink Building Techniques For Bloggers
Well, these are some common ways which can be used to build quality backlinks for your blog and if you use these methods then you will be safe from google Penguin penalty also. If you like this post, please share it with your friends and keep visiting PC Tricks Guru.

Sunday 23 February 2014

Control Your Mouse Pointer With Body Gesture

Control Your Mouse Pointer With Body Gesture
The title Control Your Mouse Pointer With Body Gesture seems to be strange but now it is really possible to use your mouse without touching it...!! An application called Camera Mouse has made it possible.
In my previous posts, I told you how to control music in android using hand gestures and how to control music in computer using hand gesture. Let's know something about Camera Mouse also.
Actually the application "Camera Mouse" was developed in Boston College keeping this fact in mind that it will help the people who are physically disabled and want to work on computers. This program is very helpful for those people whose hands are not working properly but they can move their heads. People suffering from Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injury, various neurological disorders can use this program to operate computers, either laptops or desktops. This program supports Windows platform. Camera Mouse can replace your mouse and can works with any software. This application is totally free of cost and you can download Camera Mouse from this link.

How to use camera mouse?

Source: Camera Mouse Frequently Asked Questions
Be sure the computer is on a table or desktop rather than on your lap or the bed. You need to have a built-in webcam (or standard USB webcam on or near the monitor so it is pointing at you).
camera mouse
Start up Camera Mouse. Your moving image will appear in the Camera Mouse window. Use the mouse to click on a feature on your face to track. Some unique area of the face. We usually use the inside edge of an eyebrow or eye or the area between the nose and the mouth. A small green square appears at the feature being tracked. As you move your head the square moves with it in the image.

Now press the Ctrl key or the F9 key or just wait for 4 seconds without moving the mouse ("Auto start"). The Camera Mouse program takes over control of the mouse pointer on the screen. As you move your head the mouse pointer moves accordingly. If you move the mouse itself (or press the Ctrl key or F9 key) the control returns to the mouse.

You can adjust the settings by clicking on the Camera Mouse Settings button at the bottom of the window. Here you can change the gains and turn on clicking. Clicking is done using "dwell time," by holding the mouse pointer within a small area of the screen for a second or two. Or you can click in the regular way using the mouse button or a switch.
Download Camera Mouse From Here.

How to Boost Alexa Rankings of Your Blog

How to Boost Alexa Rankings of Your Blog
How to Boost Alexa Rankings of Your Blog, it is another most searched keyword in search engines. Generally bloggers don't pay attention towards their alexa rank and look for advertisers to get advertisements for their blogs. But what actually an advertiser looks about a blog is Traffic, Quality and quantity of the content and Alexa rank of the blog. So you should not avoid working on your alexa rankings also. Alexa ranks each website according to their traffic and backlinks and updates the rankings daily. So you may notice increase or decrease in your alexa rankings on different days.
Well, I'm going to tell you some tips to boost your alexa rankings:

1. Register An Account On Alexa And Add Your Website/Blog

To register an account, visit and register for a free account (later, you can upgrade your account as alexa pro and claim your site to verify ownership of the domain). Now login to your account and add your website and update its details.

2. Use Alexa Widgets In Your Blog

Putting alexa widgets in your blog is also a good idea to increase the alexa rankings. If the visitors will click on the widget, the hit is recorded in the alexa server which may cause boost in alexa ranking for your site.

3. Increase Traffic on Your Blog

Promote your blog in social media, reply to the questions of users in different forums and include your blog's link with your answers, write guest posts on other blogs etc to increase traffic and if you get nice traffic, you will notice boost in your alexa rankings.

4. Write Some Quality Articles Daily

Try to write a few quality articles daily. This will make your blog an active blog and visitors will return to your blog daily which will make them loyal readers and will cause increase in traffic, hence increase in alexa rank.

5. Use Alexa Toolbar And Create Alexa Toolbar For Your Site

Install Alexa toolbar in your browser and create your own alexa toolbar from your alexa account. Encourage your visitors to install your alexa toolbar to increase your alexa rankings.
Get our toolbar!

Well, there are no solid tricks to boost alexa rankings, although some companies are using alexa bots to increase the alexa rankings of their clients' websites. But using bots is always dangerous because once if you are caught, your website's reputation will go down and you may be hit by google panda or penguin penalties.

Recommended : What is Alexa and How It Works?

Saturday 22 February 2014

Best Ways To Make Money Online

Best Ways To Make Money Online
Make Money Online, probably this is one of the the most searched topics on the internet. There are so many sites which claim that they will pay you for filling simple surveys, for clicking ads and for sending mails and short messages on mobiles, but most of them are fake and don't pay you a penny also after you have subscribed them.
Well, I don't say that making money online is not possible, yes, it is possible to make lots of money online and that's why I'm going to tell you how can you make money online. Just read the tutorial:

1. Make Money Online With Blogging

Blogging is the most favourite way of people to earn money online. There are lots of professional bloggers who left their jobs to adopt blogging as their full time work and even part time bloggers like me also earn a handsome amount by blogging on different topics.
You can also earn some money with your blog but remember one thing, blogging is not a game of kids and it doesn't make you rich in a single night. Blogging requires lots of research, patience and knowledge of HTML, CSS etc, SEO and backlink building techniques. You must have the proper knowledge of the topic on which you are blogging. If you have these qualities, then a good news for you, you can also try your hands in the field of blogging.
To start your own blog, you have two options, blogging without investment OR blogging with a small investment. If you want a free blog, then you can use blogger platform and start blogging. If you want to invest some money in your blog, you may go for wordpress and can buy some hosting space, a domain name and some SEO plugins to start blogging.
After a few months, if your blog gets good traffic, you can generate a good revenue with Google Adsense and Yahoo Ads etc and can increase it day by day.

2. Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the best methods to earn money online through a high traffic website. There are so many companies looking for good affiliate marketers who can sell their products online. If you have a website with nice traffic and you can promote the products to your visitors and can generate good number of sales, then you can try Amazon Associates, Commission Junction, LinkShare, oneNetworkDirect, ShareASale, Plimus, FlexOffers, ClickBank and Commission Soup.

3. Make Money With Pay Per Download

There are so many file sharing site on which you can upload your files and can share with your friends. Most of them don't pay to the uploader but some of the sites offer Pay Per Download. If you upload your files on these sites and when the file is downloaded by any user, then you get paid for each download. Using these sites will be the best if you offer content downloads from your blog. If you are interested in using PPD sites to earn money online, then you may try PayPerUploadz, ShareCash, Uploadee, Fileleads, FileIceDreamCashShareFileCash and CashShare etc.

4. Earn By Shortening Your Links

If you don't like Pay Per Download plans, then you may choose this option to earn money online. In this option, the earning rate is slower than the PPD but your visitors will not have to wait for long time to download your files. In this type, you can shrink your download links and can share it in your website or in social media. If any user clicks your link, you get paid. If you want to try, you can use Adfly and Adfocus.

5. Make Money Online By Clicking Ads

This is a very simple way to earn online but the earnings are very slow if you choose this option as an online earning source. There are lots of sites which are fake, but you can use neobux and ClixSense to start with. These sites pay you for clicking online ads and playing grid games. Sometimes, you will be paid for filling online surveys also.

6. Make Money For Paid To Read Emails

This option is also an easy way to earn money online but currently I also never tried this type of earning because 90% of sites which offer PTR mails are fake, so I can't say anything about it. After doing a lot of researches, I found that still there are some sites which really pay but the earning rate is really very slow for this option. Well, I'm sharing some websites so that you can try them if you want. You may try EmailCashPro (i am sharing this site because I found that some people got cheques by this site), Hits4Pay, DonkeyMail, PaisaLive and YouRoMail. You can find the list of PTR sites at but keep this in mind that never join any PTR site which asks for any money from you.

7. Make Money Online With Freelancing

If you are skilled in any particular field such as logo designing, web designing, article writing etc, then you may start freelancing. In freelancing, the skilled people give their services to the other who require those services and get paid for their work. So many college going students and housewives are making nice amount of money by freelancing jobs. If you want to try, then check out Elance, AirTaskerFreeLancer, Odesk, Iwriter, SkillPages and Guru.

8. Make Money Online By Selling Your E-Books And Writing Guest Posts

If you are an expert in any field, then you can write ebooks and sell them online, either via amazon or via your own website. If your books are liked by the readers then you can earn more depending on the sales of your ebooks. To sell your ebooks, you may give advertisements on the high traffic sites and blogs also.
Their are so many bloggers and website owners who are looking for quality content writers. If you write articles for them, they will pay to you. You may try SkillPages and other freelancing sites.

9. Make Money Online With Cost Per Action Programs

CPA programs are much similar to Affiliate Marketing but in CPA, you get more benefit. In Affiliate Marketing, you get paid only if you generate sales but in CPA campaigns, you get paid if the visitor does any action like filling his details such as mail address, contact number etc and it is not necessary whether he/she purchased any product or not. Some CPA sites pay you to referring other users also. You may try Peerfly, ClickBooth, Neverblue, MaxBounty, W4, CPAway, Adsimilies, Above All Offers, Panthera Network, CPA Lead, Matomy, Mundo Media, Adscend Media, Convert2Media, Adknowledge, Adperio, Adwork Media, Intela, MediaWhiz and Revenue Street.

10. Other Sources

Apart from the above options, there are still more options to earn money online. You can create a facebook page, and if you get lots of likes, you can advertise your own products and other's products also and can get monthly advertising payments. You can invest in share market and do trading of gold, silver etc. You can work as a virtual assistant and can help people in troubleshooting their computers and can get payments from them. Finally, Internet is a great source of income and if you have the required skills, you can make lots and lots of money from home only.

If you liked this article, please share it with your friends via facebook, twitter etc. Don't forget to join our email newsletter to get our updates. 

Thursday 20 February 2014

Best SEO Techniques For Blogger : The Ultimate Guide

Best SEO Techniques For Blogger : The Ultimate Guide
SEO Techniques is the field of interest of so many bloggers and web designers because if you use proper SEO Techniques in your website, your website will be easily indexed by web crawlers which results top rankings and high visibility of websites in search engines. These days, lots of people are blogging to earn some money and fame but due to bad SEO, they don't get successful. So before thinking of blogging, you must know about SEO and link building to run your blog successfully.
Well, in this tutorial I'll cover some best SEO Techniques for blogger blogs. So read this tutorial carefully:

Step 1: Using Meta Tags

Meta description and meta keywords tags are very important for a webpage to be crawled by search engine crawlers. Search engine crawlers check these tags and index your blog according to the description and keywords you have added in meta tags. Let's see how to add meta tags in your blog:
1. Login to your blogger account.
2. From dashboard, click Template > Edit HTML.
edit template
3. Now search for <head> in your template code and after <head>, paste the following code:
<!– meta tag optimization by  –>
<meta content='Your Blog Description' name='description'/>
<meta content='Keyword1,Keyword2,Keyword3,and so on...' name='keywords'/>
<meta content='Author Name' name='Author'/>
<meta content='all' name='robots'/>
<meta content='index, follow' name='robots'/>
<meta content='Language Name' name='language'/>
<meta content='Country Name' name='country'/>
<meta content='blogger' name='generator'/>
<!– meta tag optimization by  –>
Change the red colored text with your required text and save your template.

Step 2: Show Post Title Before Blog Title In Search Result

While searching on google, you might have seen that for some sites, the post title appears before the site title in search results. This is a good SEO practice and you must also use this optimization trick. Follow the steps below:
1. Login to blogger.
2. Go to Dashboard > Edit HTML.
3. Now find this line in the code <title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title> and replace it with the following code:
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> – <data:blog.title/></title>
4. Now save your template.

Step 3: Blogger Comment Optimization

Optimized comments also play an important role in SEO and if you don't use comment optimization, your blog may be hit by Google Panda and Penguin penalties. So follow the steps below for blogger comment optimization:
1. Login to blogger.
2. Navigate to Dashboard > Edit HTML
3. Find the code expr:href='data:post.createLinkUrl' and replace it with the following code:
rel='external nofollow' expr:href='data:post.createLinkUrl'
4. Now save your template.

Step 4: Optimize Blogger Labels

Optimizing blogger labels will cause fast and proper indexing of your blog posts under suitable niche in search engines. So you must optimize your blogger labels also. Follow the steps:
1. Login to blogger.
2. Navigate Dashboard > Edit HTML.
3. Now find the line <a expr:href='data:label.url' and replace it with the following code:
<a expr:href='data:label.url' rel='tag'
4. Now save your template.

Step 5: Optimize Blogger Archive

In some cases, Blogger archive works as sitemap also, so it must also be optimized for a better SEO. So, let's see how to optimize blogger archive:
1. Login to blogger.
2. From the Dashboard, click Edit HTML.
3. Now find the line <a class='post-count-link' expr:href='data:i.url'> and replace it with the following code:
<a rel='archives' class='post-count-link' expr:href='data:i.url'>
4. Now save your template.

Step 6: Using H2 Tag For Post Title

Web crawlers look for heading tags, specially h2 and h3 tags are considered to be more eye catching for web crawlers so we will make our post titles heading type 2 to make them more optimized for search engines. Follow the steps below:
1. Login to blogger.
2. Navigate to dashboard > Edit HTML.
3. Now find the code <h3><data:title/></h3> and change it with <h2><data:title/></h2>. If it is already <h2> tagged, then leave that as it is.
4. Now save your template.

Step 7: Adding Robots.txt file

Robots.txt file tells search engines which pages to index and which pages to not. So, for better traffic, we will tell search engines to index all the pages from our site and update them regularly. For this purpose, we will add custom robots.txt file in blogger. Follow the steps below:
1. Login to blogger account.
2. Go to Settings > Search Preferences
3. Now click EDIT after the Custom Robots.txt
adding custom robots.txt in blogger
4. Now enable custom robots.txt content and paste the following code in the textarea:
User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /
robots.txt code
5. Now, replace with your own blog domain and click Save Changes button.

I hope this tutorial will help you to optimize your blog and make it more visible in search engines. Keep visiting for more tips and tricks.

Wednesday 19 February 2014

How to control music in your computer using hand gestures

musical note
Earlier I posted how to control music in android using hand gestures, but in this tutorial I'll tell you How to control music in your computer using hand gestures. This trick is very useful if you are a lazy person and don't want to go near your computer to play/pause or change the music track. Using this trick, you can amaze your friends also and can prove that you are a smart guy... haha.
Well, there is a cool app called "Flutter" which does this job in the perfect way. If you install this app in your computer, it will start working with the apps like VLC Media Player, Windows Media Player etc. Whenever you will start these media players and play any audio or video clip, you will see a notification that Flutter is now controlling the media player and if you place your hand in different gestures (see the image below) in front of your pc camera, the playing media will be controlled.
How to control music in your computer using hand gestures
This app is free of cost and works will all major operating systems. You can use it's chrome extension to control music in youtube etc. Download Flutter From Here and have fun with this app.

Tuesday 18 February 2014

How To Use C/C++ Compiler In Android Device

In your school days, you might have been learning C and C++ programming languages. You might have used Turbo C compiler to compile your programs (but now programmers prefer Visual Studio and CodeBlocks to compile and run their programs because they have graphical user interface and easy to use IDE). Well, if you love programming and want to make your programs in your android device also, then I am going to tell you important steps to install and run C/C++ compiler in your android device. An awesome app, C4droid is there which is based on gcc compiler and can compile and run your programs in android devices also.
How To Use C/C++ Compiler In Android Device

Follow the steps below:

  • Download C4droid from here.
  • Now extract the downloaded file and move it to your android device.
  • I recommend you to install it in your SD Card. After installing, you can run the app and compile your programs easily.

Sunday 16 February 2014

Make Your Computer A WiFi Hotspot Without Using Any Software

Make Your Computer A WiFi Hotspot Without Using Any Software
Hi readers, most of you might be accessing internet using wifi. It is easy to setup and there is no need of wires or cables to connect your computer with any wifi network. Well, do you know, if you are using internet in your computer and if there is any wifi device in it, then you can broadcast your internet signals for the other users also without using any software. You can make your computer a wifi hotspot just by using notepad and afterthat, other wifi users can connect with your network and can access internet. You can set a SSID name for your network and can encrypt it with security key also. Interesting, huh..??

Let's see how it can be done using notepad:

1. Open notepad and copy the following code in it:
netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=MyFreeWiFi key=12345
netsh wlan start hostednetwork
2. Now you can change the red color text as your SSID name and green color text as your security key.
3. Save the file as start.bat and close notepad.
4. Now open notepad again and copy and paste this code in it:
netsh wlan stop hostednetwork
5. Now save this file as stop.bat
6. Now whenever you want to start your wifi hotspot, just double click on start.bat file, and to stop it, double click on stop.bat
Keep visiting for more tips and tricks.

Wednesday 5 February 2014

Top Websites To Get Free Mobile Recharge

Top Websites To Get Free Mobile Recharge
Getting free mobile recharges seems like a dream but I am going to tell you how to recharge your mobile for free. There are lots of websites available on the internet which offer free recharges but most of them are fake. You might have seen messages like "Company promotion, company giving free recharge.... blah blah blah." and found all of them fake." But now, I'll share some websites which really pay free recharges just for playing quizzes, sending free messages and for referring others to join the site.

List of Free Recharge Providing Sites:

1. Laaptu
At this website, you will get free recharge credits for playing quizzes, answering polls and for inviting your friends. Minimum credit required for recharge is Rs.10

2. Way2SMS
Way2SMS is a very popular site to send national/international SMSs free of cost. Now this site is offering free recharges also. You can play quizzes, answer polls, get credits for logging into your gmail and yahoo account and for referring your friend to sign up on the website.

3. Lyfetabs
Lyfetabs is just like a social networking site. You can earn free recharge credits by uploading photos, commenting on the status updates of your friends, updating your status, creating life events, uploading music and videos and by referring your friends to join the site.

4. EasyLaxmi
On this website, you can earn recharges by reading mails, referring friends and playing lucky number game.

5. Uminto : (This is the best)
This site provides free talktime for playing games, Quizzes, Movie Reviews and Inviting your friends. You can get Rs.5 for each referral.

Saturday 1 February 2014

How to run windows 8 apps in low resolution netbooks

Windows 8 is the most popular operating system by Microsoft which is now being used in desktops, laptops, netbooks, tablets and mobiles. In this version, microsoft has replaced the start menu with start screen and removed the start button. The start screen looks more stylish and is customizable. Microsoft has provided some in built apps in windows 8 and you can download more apps from app store also.
These apps are running perfectly on devices with high resolution display, but if you install Windows 8 in any netbook with low resolution, windows apps don't run and following error appears : "The screen resolution is too for this app to run. Change your screen resolution."
The screen resolution is too for this app to run. Change your screen resolution
Now, what to do next. Can the apps not be run on your netbook..?? Well, you might be knowing that the solution for most of the windows problems are hidden in windows registry and here also, I'm going to use windows registry to increase the screen resolution of the netbook to make the apps run in the netbook.

Follow the steps below:

1. Press win+R keys to open RUN.
2. Now type regedit and press enter to open registry editor.
open registry editor
3. Now press ctrl+F keys to open FIND dialog box. Type Display1_DownScalingSupported and press enter key.
4. When the key is found, double click on it and change the value of it from 0 to 1 and click OK.
double click the key

change the value from 0 to 1
5. Now close the registry editor and restart your computer.
6. Now when computer starts, right click on the desktop and click SCREEN RESOLUTION.
screen resolution
7. Now increase the resolution and click APPLY and OK.
change screen resolution
8. Now open any app, it will run successfully.

Pause Music In Your Android Phone Using Hand Gesture

Pause Music In Your Android Phone Using Hand Gesture
Hi friends, most of us have android mobiles and almost all of the android users listen music on their phone also. But suppose your phone is kept at a distance from you and music is being played in the phone, and you want to pause the music but you don't want to go and pick the phone up to pause the music, then what will you do? You will bring your palm before the phone and it will be paused. Haha, I'm not joking, it is true.

Let's see how:

1. Download and install EASYMUTE app in your android mobile.
2. Now after installing it, open it and enable easymute feature.
3. Now as soon as you wanna lower the volume or even pause the song just wave your hand in front of the proximity sensor and that's it your song will be paused or lowered down, so that you can listen to the one you want too.
4. Well there are many settings you can even configure, that might suit you, so just head over to the settings panel and shuffle up all those settings.

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