Sunday 23 January 2022

SwifDoo PDF - An all in one tool to manage your PDF files

SwifDoo PDF
PDF format is one of the most popular format to send documents over emails and the best thing about a PDF file is that is doesn't lose its formatting, no matter on which device you are opening it. But sometimes we need to make some corrections and edit the document which is easier for Word documents, but not for PDF documents because PDF documents are non editable. To edit these documents, you need special tools which cost a lot.

In these situations, SwifDoo PDF comes in handy. This tiny software can do all the tasks, such as editing PDF, splitting a PDF in multiple files, merging PDF, applying watermarks, encrypting and signing the document etc.

Let's know a brief about the features of SwifDoo PDF:

1. View PDF File: SwifDoo PDF can be used as a PDF viewer. It is lightweight and supports all kinds of PDF files. You can make it your default PDF viewer and use it with ease.

2. Add annotation: You can add annotation in your PDF files, highlight text, do text formatting, insert shapes, add stamps and erase the modifications made in the document.

3. Edit PDF files: Want to make some corrections in an existing PDF file or want to add your own text in the same font and color of an exiting file? You can do it easily with SwifDoo PDF. You can insert images, add or delete text, add hyperlinks, change or delete images and use several other editing features.

4. Extract text from a PDF using OCR: SwifDoo PDF has OCR feature in built which can extract text from any scanned PDF to be used later in a text editor.

5. Convert PDF to other formats: You can convert a PDF into Word, Excel, Text, HTML, CAD, Image etc files with a single click.

6. Page management: You can add, merge, delete, extract and split pages within a PDF document with SwifDoo PDF.

7. Security Features: In SwifDoo PDF, you can find the options to E-Sign a PDF, encrypt a PDF for enhanced security, add watermark, compress it and convert the document to scanned document.

All these features are very handy and are very useful for a person who has to deal with files and edit them frequently.

To know more and buy SwifDoo PDF, you can visit


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