Saturday 31 December 2016

How to download untouched ISO of Windows 7 with SP1

How to download untouched ISO of Windows 7 with SP1
Finding untouched and original ISO of Windows 7 is very difficult these days as microsoft has stopped selling the product and the download links are available only to those who purchased it through microsoft techbench or MSDN website. If you purchased Windows 7 from any physical store like BestBuy or Walmart then also you can download the ISO file from microsoft software download page by entering the product key.
A few days ago, I was searching for fresh ISO of Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 to install it as a trial in my test machine and it was really difficult to find the ISO because microsoft has removed all the download links from its official website. DigitalRiver download links are also dead.  I tried downloading ISO from some mirror sites too but those ISOs were either modified/cracked or corrupt. The only thing which I needed was a clean ISO for Windows 7 from microsoft website only. So, at the end I had to use a javascript hack on the microsoft windows 10 download page to reveal the hidden links for Windows 7/8.1/10. If you want to know how can you download the untouched ISO of Windows 7 or any other version of Windows OS, I'll show you how can you hack the microsoft webpage and get the direct download links for Windows OS download.

As the download links have been removed from the Microsoft page, I am providing you the latest direct download links for Windows 7:

The below-mentioned trick has been patched and is not working anymore. So use the links I provided above to download the latest ISOs of Windows 7

1. The first thing you need to do is open the Windows 10 ISO Download page (Click Here)
Note: Please read the note given at the end of the page.
2. Now wait for a few seconds and let the webpage load completely. Once the webpage is loaded completely, click on "MORE DOWNLOAD OPTIONS"
windows ISO download page
4. Now open the developer tools in your browser (press ctrl+shift+I keys together in chrome browser) and click on the "Console" which will show a console area where you can type codes.
5. Now copy the code given below and paste in the developer console in the browser and press Enter key.
var _0x5c09=["product-edition","getElementById","innerHTML","<option value='' selected='selected'>Select edition</option><option value='28'>Windows 7 Starter SP1 </option><option value='2'>Windows 7 Home Basic SP1 </option><option value='6'>Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 </option><option value='4'>Windows 7 Professional SP1 </option><option value='8'>Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 </option><option value='48'>Windows 8.1 and Pro Single Language (Autumn 2014 update)</option><option value='52'>Windows 8.1 and Pro (Autumn 2014 update) </option><option value='79'>Windows 10 Home and Pro th1</option><option value='82'>Windows 10 Single Language Home and Pro th1</option><option value='178'>Windows 10 Home and Pro (1511 th2 Apr 2016 update) </option><option value='184'>Windows 10 Single Language (1511 th2 Apr 2016 update) </option>","submit-product-edition","Confirm","log"],_0x1d62=[_0x5c09[0] ,_0x5c09[1] ,_0x5c09[2] ,_0x5c09[3] ,_0x5c09[4] ,_0x5c09[5] ,_0x5c09[6]] ,edititonbox=document[_0x1d62[1]](_0x1d62[0]);edititonbox[_0x1d62[2]]=_0x1d62[3] ,document[_0x1d62[1]](_0x1d62[4])[_0x1d62[2]]=_0x1d62[5] ,console[_0x5c09[6]];
If your code worked, the you should see a message function log() { [native code] } in the console area.
apply javascript hack in console
6. Now click on the dropdown menu of Select Edition and that's it, you can see the list of Windows 7/8.1 and 10 editions. Select your desired OS and click CONFIRM.
download for windows 7 untouched iso
7. Now select the language and then click CONFIRM.
8. You will be redirected to another page where you can see the download buttons for 32 bit and 64 bit both.
windows 7 ultimate SP1 ISO download links
9. Click on any of the links as per your requirement and download will begin. ISO files are large in size so you can use Internet Download Manager to download the ISO with resume support.
I'm including a video tutorial for the whole process for better understanding.
I hope you liked the post. Keep visiting for more tips and tricks and subscribe to my newsletter to get early updates.

Update (20th Feb 2017): It seems that microsoft has changed the webpage for windows 10 ISO download so if you open the link, it will give you the option to download Media Creation Tool only. But no need to worry, all you need to do is to use this chrome extension and open the page in the mobile emulator, the page will show you the options to choose the OS version from dropdown. Rest of the things are same as mentioned in the tutorial.

Update (11th Feb 2019): New links have been updated in the post. Download Windows 7 ISO using the links given in the post.


  1. It was very useful for me. Keep sharing such ideas in the future as well. This was actually what I was looking for, and I am glad to came here! Thanks for sharing the such information with us.

  2. Not able to dowload Windows 7 .Getting error after selecting language.

  3. its not working for Windows 7 . Can you help me with new trick.

  4. this procedure is not working anymore

  5. It worked till the end and then says WE encountered an error try later

  6. Hello Admin. This work for windows 8.1 and windows 10 only. This trick not work for windows 7. Please provide some solution for windows7. Thankyou.

  7. New tips please


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