Monday 20 May 2013

How To Get A Blog

Blogs are very popular way to get audience from worldwide. If you have a blog, you can share your thoughts, your content with the people from worldwide. So, if you want to be connected with people from worldwide, you must create a blog and start blogging. Let's see how to create a blog:
> To create a blog, you need to sign up for an account on Blogger.
> After signing up, create a blog.
> Choose a blog title and blog address for your blog. If the address is available, then select a template and then click Create Blog.
How To Get A Blog
> You can use a custom xml template also. To upload a custom template, just go to your dashboard and then click Template option.
template customization
> Now click Choose File button and then open your template. Then click Upload button to start uploading your template.
uploading custom template
> After uploading your template, you can do some customization by editing template html code. After everything is done, open and see the preview of your blog.
> Now to publish your articles, go to your dashboard and click Create New Post.
create new post
> After typing your article, you can publish it.
Note: You can make your blog more attractive by adding CSS Codes with your posts and by adding gadgets in your template.

Friday 17 May 2013

Blogger Launches New Contact Form Gadget

Blogger Launches New Contact Form Gadget
Blogger has recently launched a new Contact Form gadget for the blogger blogs. It was the most awaiting gadget because bloggers who don't have their own hosting space, were using contact forms from third party sites. But now it's the official gadget for blogger, so you don't need to embed any form or use any external code for your blog to add a contact form. Let's see how to add this form in your blog:
> Login to blogger account.
> Go to Layout > Add A Gadget.
> Now, from the More Gadgets section, add the Contact Form gadget and save your layout.
Blogger Launches New Contact Form Gadget
> Open your blog and see the contact form.
Blogger New Contact Form Gadget
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