Friday, 31 July 2020

The Leading Online Shopping App for Indian Consumers in 2020

The Leading Online Shopping App for Indian Consumers in 2020
With more and more people in India are buying Smartphones, and doing shopping online, mobile shopping applications are increasingly becoming popular amongst those consumers. With the best online shopping applications, one can enjoy convenience and ease, and they come with many streamlined features that enhance the online shopping experience. But not all online shopping applications are equal, and hence selections must be done carefully. The operating system of the Smartphone plays a pivotal role in influencing the popularity of these shopping applications amongst the consumers. Most of the shopping apps on Android and iOS look the same, but the shopping experience varies. Now, let us see some of the popular online shopping applications that are worth downloading on your Smartphone for a better shopping experience in 2020.

Amazon Shopping App
Amazon App is the most trusted and widely used shopping application in India, and it comes with a huge set of products. Recently they have also launched the pantry section for shopping of daily essentials during the lockdown. The interesting part is that the shopping application has the largest collection of products and accepts payments via different modes ranging from net banking to cash on delivery, credit, and debit cards and pay later option for registered Prime Members. There are many good reasons why people are using Amazon app for online shopping
It allows you to shop from groceries to daily essentials, electronics to household stuff and even cosmetics and healthcare products. 

Flipkart App
Flipkart Shopping App needs no introduction as it is India’s shopping application that is widely used to buy from the widest range of electronics and other daily essentials. The application is the all-time favorite amongst the consumers, and it is mostly preferred when Indian consumers need any electronic pieces of equipment or appliances. Flipkart App is best suited for online shopping of electronic goods from earphones to gaming consoles, laptops to a digital camera and Smartphone to other electronic range. Besides, it also has other categories, including gym kits, clothing, grocery, travel booking and personal care products. 
The shopping application accepts multiple payment options, and you can make payments for all orders using net banking, debit/credit cards, cash on delivery and gift cards. On every payment, the consumers earn coins that can be redeemed during the next shopping.

Myntra Shopping App
Get the latest fashion at your fingertip with Myntra App, the renowned and most commonly used application for fashion shopping in India. It is quite popular amongst Indian consumers because it offers the latest fashion clothing, accessories and innerwear for both men and women. It also has a separate category for kids’ wear, and you will see all the category is regularly updated so that consumers can have access to the latest fashion. From clothing of different brands to accessories and moderate to expensive fashion wear, you will find them all under one roof with this online fashion destination. 

Snapdeal Shopping App
Snapdeal is the oldest player in the segment of online shopping in India. From clothing to fashion accessories, household stuff to groceries, and electronic goods, the store is loaded with many products that you need in your day to day life. You can choose from women, men and kid clothing from reputed brands or buy fashion wear with a proper comparison. Besides, it has the best collection of electronic home appliances and gadgets which you can buy at a much lower price. From washing machines to tablets and smartphones to Smart TVs to ACs and other home appliances, you can buy from a wide range of electronic appliances from Snapdeal.
The store also has products in different categories that you can browse from its official website or mobile applications. They also offer timely offers and discount deals during festive months, and you can grab your desired items at much cheaper rated during sales. 

Tatacliq App
The most trusted name in India for online shopping Tatacliq is the online shopping application from the renowned brand, Tata. It is an online Tatacliq app that offers you access to the latest brands of fashion wear, clothing, electronics and other household items right at the comforts of your house. From wristwatches to jewelry to clothing and footwear and more, you can buy them all from this single platform, and it houses some of the lavish brands in clothing and caters to the needs of both moderate and style-conscious people.

Sunday, 26 July 2020

How to increase size limit for PST and OST files

How to increase size limit for PST and OST files
Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email clients which is used by millions of users. It is simple to use and has very powerful options to manage your emails which are not available on the webmail of the email service providers. But most of the people don't delete the unwanted emails and the garbage emails keep getting collected in Outlook. This increases the size of the Outlook data file (PST/OST) and once the data file becomes too large in size, Outlook refuses to open it and it starts showing an error that data file is too big, delete some you the old emails to be able to see the contents of the data file.
In this situation, Outlook doesn't allow you to see any of the emails and that's why you get stuck in a situation where you can't delete any of your emails and end up losing data. But to overcome this situation, you can make a simple registry modification to be able to see your emails and even, you can store more emails in the same data file.
Follow the steps given below to do the modification in Windows registry to increase the size limit for an Outlook data file:
1. Open windows registry by running the command regedit.
2. Now, navigate to the following path in Windows registry:
Outlook 2003
Outlook 2007 
Outlook 2010 
Outlook 2013
Outlook 2016/2019/365
3. Now create a 32-bit DWORD by right-clicking in the right pane of the registry window and clicking on New > DWORD (32-bit) Value
4. Rename this DWORD to WarnLargeFileSize and double click on it.
5. Now set it's decimal value to 95000 (which is 95GB). Don’t set its value higher than 4090445042.
6. Now create another 32-bit DWORD and name it as MaxLargeFileSize and set its decimal value to 100000 (which is 100GB). Don’t set its value higher than 4294967295.
How to increase size limit for PST and OST files
7. Now close the registry editor and restart your machine.
8. After restarting the machine, if you launch Outlook, you would be able to see all your emails and now the data file would be able to store up to 100GB of emails in it. More details: Click Here

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Wednesday, 22 July 2020

What You Should Use Apart From Antiviruses To Protect Your Devices

What You Should Use Apart From Antiviruses To Protect Your Devices
An antivirus program is a security instrument that consistently ransacks your device to eliminate all forms of malicious software or files including viruses and malware. Every individual who is cybersecurity conscious typically has an antivirus installed on his/her system.
Nonetheless, cybersecurity professionals advocate the use of other digital security tools to use alongside an antivirus. This is because antivirus is not sufficient lone protection, and it leaves your computer prone to several other risks like phishing, ransomware, and internet snooping.

Limitations of Antivirus Programs
Antivirus software does not possess the capability to protect your internet traffic. If a hacker gains access to your router or you’re connected to a hacked public Wi-Fi network, all your information would be monitored by the cybercriminal.
Also, antivirus programs detect malware based on the signatures of viruses that have been discovered. If a new kind of malware is downloaded on your system, the antivirus would not be able to flush it out. By the time an update would have been released to protect you from the virus, the damage would have been done.
Your device can also get infected via adverts containing malware. Some cybercriminals insert malicious codes into protected websites. Once you visit these websites, the malware could slip into your unprotected network, beating your antivirus’s security system.

Extra Digital Security Tools you can Use

1. Virtual Private Network
A VPN also referred to as a Virtual Private Network, is an implementation that enhances your device’s internet security. What VPNs do is prevent all entities, legal or malicious, from snooping on your internet activity. VPNs perform this function by encoding the data requests sent to your device and received from your network.
A VPN also protects your personal information by modifying your IP address. IP addresses reveal data about a person’s location. Your IP address would change to that of the VPN server you’re connected to.

2. Sandbox
A sandbox is a tool that segregates software, restricting that program from destroying other files on your computer. It creates a highly controlled environment where the program’s code can be run. It does this by limiting the program’s permissions.
If damage arises from a program, it would be restricted only to that program.

3. Firewall
A firewall is a tool that protects your computer by restricting strange data packets. Through this process, the firewall prevents malware from getting into your system. Firewalls are considered the first line of security between your device and the internet.
Operating systems typically come with their firewalls. You need to activate and update your firewall settings. You can use a software or hardware firewall or both, depending on your preference.

4. Cybersecurity Education
The tool that is called cybersecurity knowledge is the most important tool of all. Before a cyber-threat gets into your system, it requires human action. Knowing the dos and don’ts of cybersecurity will go a long way in keeping malware out of your system.
If you run a business, educating yourself on cybersecurity would be highly beneficial. While other businesses get attacked by ransomware, yours would continue to thrive and in the process, outrank your competitors.
There are tons of cybersecurity courses on the internet that you can go through in your free time.

Wrapping it Up
A lot of individuals harbor the misconception that having an antivirus on their devices is enough for digital protection. There are several layers to cybersecurity and antivirus programs are considered some of the last.
This is because an antivirus while efficient in its way, cannot completely protect your computer from malicious software.
To protect your devices, you can use a VPN, educate yourself, use a sandbox, and activate your firewall.

Monday, 20 July 2020

How to rollback Microsoft Office to a previous build

How to rollback Microsoft Office to a previous build
Microsoft Office is the most popular software package which is used by millions of user worldwide. Usually, it works fine and security updates and bug fixes are installed for Microsoft Office automatically, but sometimes any auto-installation of any update with any bug creates a lot of problems and there is no simple way to roll back Office to the previous build once an update is installed. But in this article, I would tell you about the easiest way to rollback to the previous build of Microsoft Office without any hassles. Follow the steps below:
  • Open command prompt with admin rights (in elevated mode).
  • Type the following command and press enter.
    cd "\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\ClickToRun"
  • Now type the following command and press enter.
    officec2rclient.exe /update user updatetoversion=16.012827.20470 (Replace the build number which you want to install in your machine. You can check the build numbers from here:
  • Now Office updated would be downloaded and installed.
  • That's it. Now if you want to stop the auto-update fir Office, click on File > Account > Update Options > Disable Updates
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Sunday, 12 July 2020

How to activate Pre-installed Microsoft Office in Dell/Lenovo/HP and other OEM devices

How to activate Pre-installed Microsoft Office in Dell/Lenovo/HP and other OEM devices
Most of the computers these days are shipped with Microsoft Office pre-installed license. Some of the manufacturers offer Microsoft 365 Home or Personal 1-year subscription and some of them offer Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Student, Home and Business and Pro versions. For most of the users, the activation process is hassle-free. They just have to launch Word in the machine and right after launching, they see the banner which shows that the machine came with pre-installed Office license and after clicking on Activate button, they are asked to log in with their Microsoft account and after signing in, the license gets redeemed with their Microsoft account and Office gets activated on the device.
But there is a big confusion among the users and the OEM technicians about the activation process of Microsoft Office in the OEM devices. These devices are shipped with pre-installed Office 365 applications which are usually MS Store apps or installed with Office Deployment Tool. Now, this is where the confusion begins, the devices which are shipped with Office 2019 licenses, they also have Office 365 applications installed in them and to redeem the license of Office 2019 also, we have to use the Word application which is already installed with the package of Office 365. But out of the confusion, users uninstall Office 365 from the computer and I have seen that not only users, even the OEM support technicians also ask the users to uninstall Office 365 from the machine which is completely wrong. If you uninstall Office 365 from the machine, you might lose your Office 2019 pre-installed license also which is bound in the machine through the Windows registry.
How to activate Pre-installed Microsoft Office in Dell/Lenovo/HP and other OEM devices
So no matter what license you've got with the device, never uninstall the pre-installed Office 365 applications. Redeem your pre-install license with the Word app which got installed with the Office 365 suite and you would be able to redeem your license for Office 2019 successfully. Once the redemption process is completed, you can install the latest updates of Office and the pre-installed Office 365 would be changed into Office 2019 automatically after updates are installed. If the installation doesn't get changed automatically, you can uninstall Office 365 and installed your redeemed product through
Now some times, it happens that most of the users miss to redeem the license after launching Word and then the banner disappears from the machine. When they relaunch Word or any Office application, the pre-installed offer banner doesn't come up. To fix this issue, you would need to run the OEM Office Activation Troubleshooter from the link and running this troubleshooter would reset the pre-installed license to its default state. After running the troubleshooter, if you would launch Word, the activation offer banner would again pop-up on the screen which you can use to redeem your pre-installed license.
I hope this article clears your doubts about the activation of the pre-installed Office in OEM devices. Keep visiting for more tips and tricks.

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Unable to print envelopes in Word in Office for Mac : Fix it

Unable to print envelopes in Word in Office for Mac : Fix it
In recent days, I have noticed that several users of Microsoft Office on Mac are not able to print envelopes using Word. The envelopes don't get printed even after uninstalling and reinstalling Office. When I checked on of the devices, I found that the issue is not actually with Mac OS or the printer, it was with a small setting in Microsoft Word which was causing this issue. Let's see how to fix this issue just in minutes:
1. Launch MS Word and then click on Word > Preferences, as shown in the image.
Word > Preferences
2. Now under "Output and Sharing", click on "Print" option.
print options
3. Now check-mark "Drawing Objects" and click OK.
drawing objects
4. That's it, try printing an envelope and you would be able to print it without any issues.

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