Saturday 31 December 2022

Get credit card without any salary slip or income proof (India)

Get credit card without any salary slip or income proof (India)
Credit cards can be a life saver in the need of urgent money. There are several banks who offer credit cards to the employed people or business owners. But when it comes to students, no one issues a credit card to them because they don't have any income source or business.

In this article, I would let you know the easiest way to get a credit card without showing any income proof or business details. You can get a good credit limit as well which you can use to spend online. You would be able to get a virtual credit card and a physical metal credit card absolutely without paying any charges. Also, there would not be any annual fee for the card as well. All these features in a credit card would be very useful for students.

Requirements to apply for a free credit card without any income proof

  1. PAN Card
  2. ID Proof such as Adhar card
  3. Android mobile

Steps to apply for your card and activate it instantly

  1. First of all, install OneCard app using this link: Click Here (Make sure to install the app from the link I have shared to get Amazon voucher of Rs.2000 as welcome gift)
  2. After the application is installed, launch it and fill the details such as your name and phone number to sign up.
  3. During the sign up process, app would ask you to enter your PAN card number to check your credit history. Based on the credit history of your PAN, you would be given credit limit to use with your card.
  4. After you would be done with the sign up, you would be asked for KYC completion. For KYC, you may get online KYC option (if you already have any existing credit card issued on your name) or app would ask you to schedule a physical KYC verification at your address.
  5. You may select your address where you would like to complete the document verification for KYC and schedule an appointment. Once the appointment is scheduled, you would see the KYC status after launching the app.
  6. On the scheduled date, OneCard KYC executive would visit your location and after document verification, you will get a notification through SMS in a few hours.
  7. After you would receive the notification, you can open the OneCard app and then complete the activation of your OneCard. Once activated, you would be able to use your card online to make transactions on your favorite website.
  8. A physical metal card would be sent at your address in 7 to 10 days. You can use this card in restaurants, gas stations or any place where credit cards are accepted for making payments.
This card is awesome and for every spend, you would earn reward points as well which can be converted into money and can be used to shop online. So apply for OneCard using this link now and keep visiting PC Tricks Guru for more tips and tricks.
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