Tuesday 18 February 2014

How To Use C/C++ Compiler In Android Device

In your school days, you might have been learning C and C++ programming languages. You might have used Turbo C compiler to compile your programs (but now programmers prefer Visual Studio and CodeBlocks to compile and run their programs because they have graphical user interface and easy to use IDE). Well, if you love programming and want to make your programs in your android device also, then I am going to tell you important steps to install and run C/C++ compiler in your android device. An awesome app, C4droid is there which is based on gcc compiler and can compile and run your programs in android devices also.
How To Use C/C++ Compiler In Android Device

Follow the steps below:

  • Download C4droid from here.
  • Now extract the downloaded file and move it to your android device.
  • I recommend you to install it in your SD Card. After installing, you can run the app and compile your programs easily.

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