Wednesday 19 February 2014

How to control music in your computer using hand gestures

musical note
Earlier I posted how to control music in android using hand gestures, but in this tutorial I'll tell you How to control music in your computer using hand gestures. This trick is very useful if you are a lazy person and don't want to go near your computer to play/pause or change the music track. Using this trick, you can amaze your friends also and can prove that you are a smart guy... haha.
Well, there is a cool app called "Flutter" which does this job in the perfect way. If you install this app in your computer, it will start working with the apps like VLC Media Player, Windows Media Player etc. Whenever you will start these media players and play any audio or video clip, you will see a notification that Flutter is now controlling the media player and if you place your hand in different gestures (see the image below) in front of your pc camera, the playing media will be controlled.
How to control music in your computer using hand gestures
This app is free of cost and works will all major operating systems. You can use it's chrome extension to control music in youtube etc. Download Flutter From Here and have fun with this app.

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