Sunday 23 February 2014

How to Boost Alexa Rankings of Your Blog

How to Boost Alexa Rankings of Your Blog
How to Boost Alexa Rankings of Your Blog, it is another most searched keyword in search engines. Generally bloggers don't pay attention towards their alexa rank and look for advertisers to get advertisements for their blogs. But what actually an advertiser looks about a blog is Traffic, Quality and quantity of the content and Alexa rank of the blog. So you should not avoid working on your alexa rankings also. Alexa ranks each website according to their traffic and backlinks and updates the rankings daily. So you may notice increase or decrease in your alexa rankings on different days.
Well, I'm going to tell you some tips to boost your alexa rankings:

1. Register An Account On Alexa And Add Your Website/Blog

To register an account, visit and register for a free account (later, you can upgrade your account as alexa pro and claim your site to verify ownership of the domain). Now login to your account and add your website and update its details.

2. Use Alexa Widgets In Your Blog

Putting alexa widgets in your blog is also a good idea to increase the alexa rankings. If the visitors will click on the widget, the hit is recorded in the alexa server which may cause boost in alexa ranking for your site.

3. Increase Traffic on Your Blog

Promote your blog in social media, reply to the questions of users in different forums and include your blog's link with your answers, write guest posts on other blogs etc to increase traffic and if you get nice traffic, you will notice boost in your alexa rankings.

4. Write Some Quality Articles Daily

Try to write a few quality articles daily. This will make your blog an active blog and visitors will return to your blog daily which will make them loyal readers and will cause increase in traffic, hence increase in alexa rank.

5. Use Alexa Toolbar And Create Alexa Toolbar For Your Site

Install Alexa toolbar in your browser and create your own alexa toolbar from your alexa account. Encourage your visitors to install your alexa toolbar to increase your alexa rankings.
Get our toolbar!

Well, there are no solid tricks to boost alexa rankings, although some companies are using alexa bots to increase the alexa rankings of their clients' websites. But using bots is always dangerous because once if you are caught, your website's reputation will go down and you may be hit by google panda or penguin penalties.

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