Monday 24 February 2014

Best Backlink Building Techniques For Bloggers

Best Backlink Building Techniques For Bloggers
Link Building is one of the most important factors that increases the search engine visibility and page rank. There are so many techniques for link building and so many softwares are also available which can be used in link building. But purchasing backlinks and using softwares for backlink building is not a legitimate way and the blogs which build backlinks using illegitimate ways are hit by Google Penguin penalty and their SEO score is destroyed. So, what to do to earn trusted and legitimate backlinks for your blog? Continue reading:

1. Submit Your Blog Into Blog Directories

Submitting your blog into different blog directories, such as DMOZ, can be a good way to get trusted backlinks and to drive traffic to your blog. While submitting your blog into blog directories, you must choose the category which is more suitable for your blog. This will make your blog more visible and will help your blog to be found by the directory users.

2. Commenting On High PR Blogs

You must comment on other blogs to get backlinks from them. This is the easiest way to build backlinks. You can find high PR blogs by searching on google, because I've seen huge list of high page ranked blogs to comment on in so many forums and it is not possible for me to mention them all here in this post. If you still feel any difficulties in finding some blogs to comment, then you can use Scrapebox tool.

3. Use Your Blog Links In Your Social Media Profiles

If you have made your profiles in Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn etc then you must use your blog links in your profile descriptions because linking your own blog links with your profiles will link your blog links with social media sites also. Not only this, there are some search engines and websites which collect data by searching in the social media profiles of the people so if you have linked your blog links with your social media profile then you will automatically get backlinks from these types of search engines and websites.

4. Write Guest Posts On Other Blogs

You can get more backlinks by writing quality guest posts on other blogs. This may help you in backlink building and can drive some more traffic from the blog where you wrote your guest post.

5. Get Some Backlinks From Government Websites

Find some .gov or .edu websites and comment there and include your blog link in the comments. These websites are highly valued and trusted so you will get quality backlinks which may increase your page rank. You may use Drop My Link site to find some government sites to comment on.

6. Contact Web Admins of Computer Institutes/Schools/Colleges For Backlinks

If you are expert in some field, for example Android App Development, and your content is really helpful for students then you may contact website admins of computer institutes, colleges and schools and ask them to provide a backlink to your site after reviewing your site. They will check your site and if they will find it really useful for their students, then they will mention your site on their website as resource for their studies. In this way you will get backlinks.

7. Join Forums And Comment In Them With Your Links

Forums are also a great way to get backlinks and traffic. Search for the topics in the forums which are related with niche of your blog and answer the questions of the members. In each answer, add a link from your blog which may be useful for the user. This will bring massive traffic to your blog and you will get backlinks from that forum.

8. Do Some Volunteer Work

Suppose you have great skills in web designing and you can develop a website, then you can do volunteer work for government websites or other organizations. If you find any website which you think doesn't look good or you can make it better than currently it is, then you can contact the website's admin and ask to contribute your work for them. If they accept your proposal, then you can design some webpages for them under their domain and can get backlinks for your own blog.
Best Backlink Building Techniques For Bloggers
Well, these are some common ways which can be used to build quality backlinks for your blog and if you use these methods then you will be safe from google Penguin penalty also. If you like this post, please share it with your friends and keep visiting PC Tricks Guru.

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