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Best Ways To Make Money Online

Best Ways To Make Money Online
Make Money Online, probably this is one of the the most searched topics on the internet. There are so many sites which claim that they will pay you for filling simple surveys, for clicking ads and for sending mails and short messages on mobiles, but most of them are fake and don't pay you a penny also after you have subscribed them.
Well, I don't say that making money online is not possible, yes, it is possible to make lots of money online and that's why I'm going to tell you how can you make money online. Just read the tutorial:

1. Make Money Online With Blogging

Blogging is the most favourite way of people to earn money online. There are lots of professional bloggers who left their jobs to adopt blogging as their full time work and even part time bloggers like me also earn a handsome amount by blogging on different topics.
You can also earn some money with your blog but remember one thing, blogging is not a game of kids and it doesn't make you rich in a single night. Blogging requires lots of research, patience and knowledge of HTML, CSS etc, SEO and backlink building techniques. You must have the proper knowledge of the topic on which you are blogging. If you have these qualities, then a good news for you, you can also try your hands in the field of blogging.
To start your own blog, you have two options, blogging without investment OR blogging with a small investment. If you want a free blog, then you can use blogger platform and start blogging. If you want to invest some money in your blog, you may go for wordpress and can buy some hosting space, a domain name and some SEO plugins to start blogging.
After a few months, if your blog gets good traffic, you can generate a good revenue with Google Adsense and Yahoo Ads etc and can increase it day by day.

2. Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the best methods to earn money online through a high traffic website. There are so many companies looking for good affiliate marketers who can sell their products online. If you have a website with nice traffic and you can promote the products to your visitors and can generate good number of sales, then you can try Amazon Associates, Commission Junction, LinkShare, oneNetworkDirect, ShareASale, Plimus, FlexOffers, ClickBank and Commission Soup.

3. Make Money With Pay Per Download

There are so many file sharing site on which you can upload your files and can share with your friends. Most of them don't pay to the uploader but some of the sites offer Pay Per Download. If you upload your files on these sites and when the file is downloaded by any user, then you get paid for each download. Using these sites will be the best if you offer content downloads from your blog. If you are interested in using PPD sites to earn money online, then you may try PayPerUploadz, ShareCash, Uploadee, Fileleads, FileIceDreamCashShareFileCash and CashShare etc.

4. Earn By Shortening Your Links

If you don't like Pay Per Download plans, then you may choose this option to earn money online. In this option, the earning rate is slower than the PPD but your visitors will not have to wait for long time to download your files. In this type, you can shrink your download links and can share it in your website or in social media. If any user clicks your link, you get paid. If you want to try, you can use Adfly and Adfocus.

5. Make Money Online By Clicking Ads

This is a very simple way to earn online but the earnings are very slow if you choose this option as an online earning source. There are lots of sites which are fake, but you can use neobux and ClixSense to start with. These sites pay you for clicking online ads and playing grid games. Sometimes, you will be paid for filling online surveys also.

6. Make Money For Paid To Read Emails

This option is also an easy way to earn money online but currently I also never tried this type of earning because 90% of sites which offer PTR mails are fake, so I can't say anything about it. After doing a lot of researches, I found that still there are some sites which really pay but the earning rate is really very slow for this option. Well, I'm sharing some websites so that you can try them if you want. You may try EmailCashPro (i am sharing this site because I found that some people got cheques by this site), Hits4Pay, DonkeyMail, PaisaLive and YouRoMail. You can find the list of PTR sites at but keep this in mind that never join any PTR site which asks for any money from you.

7. Make Money Online With Freelancing

If you are skilled in any particular field such as logo designing, web designing, article writing etc, then you may start freelancing. In freelancing, the skilled people give their services to the other who require those services and get paid for their work. So many college going students and housewives are making nice amount of money by freelancing jobs. If you want to try, then check out Elance, AirTaskerFreeLancer, Odesk, Iwriter, SkillPages and Guru.

8. Make Money Online By Selling Your E-Books And Writing Guest Posts

If you are an expert in any field, then you can write ebooks and sell them online, either via amazon or via your own website. If your books are liked by the readers then you can earn more depending on the sales of your ebooks. To sell your ebooks, you may give advertisements on the high traffic sites and blogs also.
Their are so many bloggers and website owners who are looking for quality content writers. If you write articles for them, they will pay to you. You may try SkillPages and other freelancing sites.

9. Make Money Online With Cost Per Action Programs

CPA programs are much similar to Affiliate Marketing but in CPA, you get more benefit. In Affiliate Marketing, you get paid only if you generate sales but in CPA campaigns, you get paid if the visitor does any action like filling his details such as mail address, contact number etc and it is not necessary whether he/she purchased any product or not. Some CPA sites pay you to referring other users also. You may try Peerfly, ClickBooth, Neverblue, MaxBounty, W4, CPAway, Adsimilies, Above All Offers, Panthera Network, CPA Lead, Matomy, Mundo Media, Adscend Media, Convert2Media, Adknowledge, Adperio, Adwork Media, Intela, MediaWhiz and Revenue Street.

10. Other Sources

Apart from the above options, there are still more options to earn money online. You can create a facebook page, and if you get lots of likes, you can advertise your own products and other's products also and can get monthly advertising payments. You can invest in share market and do trading of gold, silver etc. You can work as a virtual assistant and can help people in troubleshooting their computers and can get payments from them. Finally, Internet is a great source of income and if you have the required skills, you can make lots and lots of money from home only.

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