Saturday 1 February 2014

Pause Music In Your Android Phone Using Hand Gesture

Pause Music In Your Android Phone Using Hand Gesture
Hi friends, most of us have android mobiles and almost all of the android users listen music on their phone also. But suppose your phone is kept at a distance from you and music is being played in the phone, and you want to pause the music but you don't want to go and pick the phone up to pause the music, then what will you do? You will bring your palm before the phone and it will be paused. Haha, I'm not joking, it is true.

Let's see how:

1. Download and install EASYMUTE app in your android mobile.
2. Now after installing it, open it and enable easymute feature.
3. Now as soon as you wanna lower the volume or even pause the song just wave your hand in front of the proximity sensor and that's it your song will be paused or lowered down, so that you can listen to the one you want too.
4. Well there are many settings you can even configure, that might suit you, so just head over to the settings panel and shuffle up all those settings.

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