Sunday 25 January 2015

Explore the secret game of Google Chrome

Explore the secret game of Google Chrome
Hi friends, whenever you are offline and try to open a webpage in google chrome, you see the "Webpage Not Found" or "You Are Offline" page in your browser. But have you ever noticed that T-Rex icon on the web page not found page? Have you ever tried to know why there is a T-Rex on that page?
Well, that's not just a T-Rex, that's a secret game hidden inside the chrome and you can play this game in pc as well as mobile chrome browser also. Here is how you can access that game.

1. Disconnect your computer from internet and open google chrome browser.
2. Now try to open any website. You will see webpage not found page.
3. In the webpage not found page, you will see that T-Rex icon. Just press spacebar from your keyboard.
4. Wow...!! That T-Rex starts running and you have got a nice game too.
5. Keep pressing spacebar to jump over the obstacles and enjoy the secret game of chrome browser.

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