Thursday 18 December 2014

How to change your caller id to make spoof calls

How to change your caller id to make spoof calls

Hello friends, today I'm going to share a superb trick to change your caller id while making calls. Actually when you call anyone, your number is visible for the person whom you are calling. But sometimes we don't want to share our contact number with strangers but want to talk to them. So this trick is for everyone who has to make calls to strangers without revealing your actual number. Not only this, you can play prank with your friends by calling them from their own number. Let's see how to change your caller id:

1. Download VOXOX app from this link: CLICK HERE
2. Now install the app in your device and open it. I'm testing it in my Android phone.
3. After installing, it will send a verification code on your registered number. Complete the verification process using the verification code.
4. Now your voxox app will be opened and the free credit of $1 will be rewarded. You can buy more credits using playstore wallet.
5. Tap "MORE" and then tap on "USER" under settings.

voxox settings for prank calls

6. Now you will see that a US number is set as your caller id. It means that when you make any call from the app, your US caller id will be visible on the screen of the person whom you made the call.
7. Now, to change the caller id, just tap over "Caller ID" and enter the number which you want to make your caller id and then tap OK.

change caller id

8. Now tap "CALLS" tab and dial any number you want to make your call at and then make the call.

dialing prank call with fake caller id

Now the person who received your call will see the fake caller id of fake number you used in the voxox app.

Note : You can play pranks with your friends also. Just change your caller id with their numbers and call them. Your friends will be surprised after getting a call from their own number.


  1. does 1$ is enough for making a call?

    1. you can add more credits after consuming 1$ with playstore credits


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