Tuesday 28 October 2014

Make cheap international calls with Tring app

Tring app
Hi friends, yesterday I posted about making cheap rate international calls with Flipcall app and today also, the topic is the same, only the app is different. Yes, today I'm gonna tell you about another app which is offering cheap rate calls, cheaper than Flipcall...!!
This app is called "Tring" and it offers national and international calls  at very cheap rates. I tested this app and it worked fine. Sometimes, call voice quality is poor because its the beta version but overall performance of this app is good. Here are the steps to use this app:

1. Download Tring app from play store, use this link to download it.
2. Now install it in your android device and open it.
3. Once you open the app, it will ask your mobile number. Just enter your mobile number.
4. Now this app will make a call to verify whether you are using your own number or an alive number.
5. Now after verification, the app is ready to be used.
6. Open the app and start making calls. For testing, this app gives free credits of $0.5 also.

Make cheap international calls with Tring app

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