Sunday 26 October 2014

Make worldwide calls at cheap rates using Flipcall app

Make worldwide calls at cheap rates using Flipcall app

Hey friends, its very long I've posted any article. Actually I'm busy with my job and I hardly get some free time to update my blogs. But today I've got some time and hence I'm sharing a short post for you all. This post is about an android app called "Flipcall" (i think it is inspired from flipkart, lol) which is offering cheap national and international calls. I downloaded this app and tested and it worked very well. So, here is a short tutorial on using this app.

1. Download Flipcall app from playstore. Click here for the playstore link.
2. Now install it in your device and open it. It will ask for your mobile number. Simply enter your mobile number. The app will call on this number to connect with the other number and will use this number as your caller id.
3. Now after entering your mobile number, it will ask for the permission to read your contact list, simply allow it.
4. Now on your phone screen, you will see the contact list stored in your mobile. Just tap over any number you want to call and the app will call you.
5. Once you pick up the call, it will connect your call with the dialed number and that's it, you can start talking with your friend.
6. Currently, this app is offering free credit of $1 to make free calls. After using your free credits, you can add money in your wallet and use that to make calls at cheap rates.

making cheap calls with flipcall

Keep talking and keep visiting. Good day!

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