Saturday 12 April 2014

Convert any photo into ASCII art

Hi friends. Playing with photos is always a fun and it is very interesting to create photos with ASCII characters. You might have seen in some forums that some members promote their software or cracks and include a .nfo file with their software. That art looks attractive and it seems that they work hard to create those designs. But actually that's not the truth. They create their designs in photoshop or any other photo editing tool and then they convert the picture into a text art. Its very simple and you can also convert your images into text art. Letst's start.
> Visit Picture to ASCII converter website from this link.
> Now upload the image you want to change in an ASCII art, enter the image size.
fill details to convert image into ASCII art
> Now click GENERATE button and you will get your image converted in ASCII art. You can use text or html codes to paste this generated image anywhere.
Here is an image of Resident Evil star Milla Jovovich which I converted into ASCII art.
Convert any photo into ASCII art
I have created a video tutorial for you, must check it:
Keep visiting for more tips and tricks.

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