Tuesday 15 April 2014

How can you say that you are a Pro Blogger

How can you say that you are a Pro Blogger
"Pro Blogger", you might have came across this word if you are in blogging field. You have seen that every newbie starts a blog and start calling himself a "Pro Blogger". This is disgusting. Actually 80% of bloggers don't know the real definition of Pro Blogger. So, I decided to write this article to explain what actually the term Pro Blogger means.

The definition of Pro Blogger or Professional Blogger is "Any blogger who totally depends on blogging for his income", according to Google. Or you may say that a Pro Blogger is the one who does blogging on a full time basis and earns his livings through it. But, this term is not as simple as it seems to be. Here are some points for a pro blogger:

1. You treat your work with respect and care

Don't treat your blog as a place where you work for time-pass. Some bloggers say that they do blogging because blogging is their hobby or blogging is fun for them. For a professional blogger, blogging is not a fun, they treat is seriously. If you say that blogging is your passion or blogging is a fun for you, then you are spoiling your image as a blogger. Give your blog full respect and do hard work for it and be honest for your blog. Some bloggers say that they do blogging to make their blog popular and when it becomes popular, they will sell it to earn some money. This thought is also a silly thought. A Pro Blogger treats his blog as a very important thing for him which he can't sell to anyone just for some money.

2. Think well before leaving comments on other blogs

When you visit other blogs, you find a nice amount of comments, and 90% of them are made to build backlinks and for the purpose of promotion. You will never find comments of Pro Bloggers anywhere because Pro Bloggers avoid spamming (now you can understand why you never find my comments in other blogs, except some high quality blogs). Pro bloggers leave very less comments on old blogs with high quality content, and their comments are valuable and meaningful for admin as well as the readers. They comment for genuine reasons and for any suggestions which are really important, not for building backlinks or for the purpose of spamming.

3. See your every social media activity as your digital footprint

If you see a Pro Blogger's social media profile, you find that he keeps his connections engaged with him. He shares his life events, sometimes he makes jokes and post some funny things to make his followers laugh, sometimes he talks about some social issues and asks for the opinion of others etc. You will not find that he floods his profiles with the links from his blog because he knows that his social media profile is his virtual social life. He lives his life in his own ways and his social media profiles reflect his real life also. But most of the bloggers keep sharing their blog links in their social media profiles which damages their blogger image. I'm not saying that you share every moment of your life, such as "drinking coffee in a hotel", "going for lunch", "going to sleep" etc. These are silly things. Update some meaningful things which reflect that you are a professional blogger or a professional person, such as "Made some corrections in my blog design, waiting for some feedback", "Attended the seminar of XXXXX, that was great being their. Learnt a lot of things", "Going to XXXXX university, feeling excited to meet the youth there" etc. These type of social media updates create a good impression in the mind of your followers and they will feel attached with your life because these updates keep the audience involved with your activity.

4. You've received press releases by national and international media, invited to brand hosted events

A pro bloggers doesn't boast on him. He earns the faith and respect by his honest and high quality work. And this can be proved by his real life activities. If you have not received press releases (in national and international media) or invited to brand a hosted event, then you can't say yourself a Pro Blogger (that's why I never write that I'm a pro blogger, because I've conducted only small seminars in some colleges locally but never branded any hosted event or did any event on national and international level). Some bloggers publish paid articles about them in local newspaper or get them featured in local TV channels, but it doesn't mean that they are Pro Bloggers. Pro bloggers are featured at national and international level and they are invited by top and reputed media with respect, not against any money.

5. You are making your livings from your blog

If you are making your livings from your blog, then you may call you are a Pro Blogger (but all the qualities mentioned above are also required). Some people just create a free blog, publish 2 or 3 posts and start calling them "A Pro Blogger", even they don't earn a single penny. This makes me laugh, but it's not their fault. Since the past 2 years, I've seen a high bounce in the amount of teens who are are creating blogs and calling them a Pro Blogger. They have imparted a wrong image of Pro Bloggers. That's why most of the college going students start blogging and feel proud calling them Pro Bloggers. Even some new bloggers start publishing interviews of these bloggers with a label of "Pro Blogger Interview", how silly...!! That is the reason why any newbie calls himself a "Pro Blogger" because they don't understand the actual means of the term "Pro Blogger".

6. You've denied to some ads or to review some items because they are not fit for the audience

This is also a great quality of a Pro Blogger. Some companies want their products reviewed by bloggers and published in their blogs. Some advertisers offer some money to show some ads which are useless for audience (I also get so many "download button" ads to put in my blog in post body, but I simply deny them coz they are totally useless and misleading). Any normal blogger will accept the proposal because they get money for that, but for a pro blogger, audience are more important and they can't put any content which is not suitable for his audience.

7. You spend your time in interacting with your community also

Pro bloggers don't have much time to interact with other people, but from their busy schedule they manage some time to interact with his audience. They reply to the comments on their blogs, they respond to the emails they've received. But this doesn't mean that they reply to every comment, for example, if you've commented "Hi", then don't expect "Hello" from their side. Even your comment may be deleted by them. Pro Bloggers allow meaningful and useful comments on their blogs and respond to them only.

These were few points to clear what actually a Pro Blogger is. Finally, I'd like to tell you the top lessons to learn at blog world:
  1. From the 1st day, take yourself seriously and treat your blog like a business. Take care of the views of your audience also.
  2. It takes more than 3 years to achive the qualities of a Pro Blogger. So don't misguide other people calling youself a Pro Blogger. You may use the word "Hobby Blogger" or just "Blogger".
  3. Have your vision in place before you start out. It makes it easy what you are going to write.
  4. Set your goals before entering into the blogsphere, and plan about every action you take.
  5. Know that sitting in front of your laptop continuously for hours increases the risk of heart disease! (I've gone through this circumstance and my condition got very critical. Due to working continuously on computer the whole day, a wound developed in my lungs and it started bleeding badly. I had to get hospitalized for one month and had to take 24 glucose bottles and 3 bottles of blood from blood bank!)
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