Thursday 3 April 2014

How to open any blocked site without using proxy

How to open blocked sites in any country without using proxy
These days, so many sites are getting banned by the government of different country. Last year YouTube was banned in china and pakistan. Recently, about 500 sites were blocked in India also. So whenever you try to open these sites, your browser will show that webpage is not available. For some sites, you will see a message that the website is banned by the telecom authority. You can see the list of banned site prepared by Anonymous by clicking here.  But no need to worry, there are still some ways to open those blocked sites easily, directly from your web browser.
Hey wait...!! I'm not gonna tell you to use any VPN or change your proxy settings of your browser. The method I'm going to tell you is very simple and works perfectly. So let us start.

What Will You Need To Open A Blocked Site?

Well, you need only 3 things, Torch Browser, A blocked website's url and a computer with internet connection.

Now What The Hell This Torch Browser Is?

Torch Browser? It is the best web browser based on chromium project. It is same as Google Chrome but its features are much better than google chrome. It has an in built torrent downloader, media grabber, facebook styler, drag and drop search tool, download accelerator, social media sharing tool, Hola etc. If you start using this browser, you will forget any other browser.

OK, Now Tell Me The Steps To Unblock The Site.

  • Download Torch Browser from this link and install it.
  • Now, launch Torch Browser and open try to open any site which is blocked in your country.
  • You will see the error page. Now its time to use the magic of Torch Browser. Click "Hola for torch" button.
  • You will see a window having name of some countries. Just click over any country let the torch do its work.
website not opened
  • After a few seconds, you will see that the blocked site is opened now.
blocked site opened

Here is the video tutorial I made for you all for a better understanding:

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Note : If you don't want to change your browser and want to open the blocked sites easily, then you must read this post.


  1. I really like your this work hope so every one who visit this page too share his comments. Thanks for share this.
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    1. I welcome your comments. Visitors' comments are valuable for us. :)

  2. I tried this option yesterday 12/21/14.

    It did not work, period.

    Plus, I cannot afford a VPN service which I have no way of knowing if they really work.

    But, thanks.

    1. You must try ULTRASURF application. I'm sure that will work for sure.

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  4. As we know that proxy is essential now a days hola is nice software for using proxies but if you want to use dedicated proxy for more functionality i suggest microleaves Dedicated Proxies it is working fine for me. Hope it will helps you. By the way nice post as always.

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