Tuesday 22 April 2014

How to submit blogger blog sitemap to google webmasters tools

How to submit blogger sitemap to google webmasters tool
To get more search traffic on your blog, it is necessary to submit your blog's sitemap to google webmasters tool. But to submit blogger blog sitemap, we need an xml file of the sitemap and have to upload it in the root directory of the domain. But for blogger, it is not possible to upload a custom sitemap.xml file with the domain because blogger doesn't offer to host external files and that's why you are limited to link external files with your root domain.

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But no need to worry, we have already an xml file with our blogger blog's domain which may work as a sitemap, atom.xml. But this sitemap can submit only 26 recent posts. Then what to do...??
Well, using a small tweak, you can use the same atom.xml file to submit all your blog posts into google webmasters tool. Let's see how.

Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Webmasters Tool

1. A sitemap can contain maximum of 500 posts. So, if you have number of posts less than 500, then you have to submit only one sitemap to index your posts. But if you have posts more than 500, then you have to submit more than one sitemaps in google webmasters tool. Here is how you can get your blogger blog's sitmap link:
From the above url, replace the red color text with your own blogger blog url and copy the whole url. You can use this url as a sitemap.
2. Now, login to your google webmasters tools account and click your added site's url.

click the blog url

3. Now, from the left sidebar, click Crawl > Sitemaps option.

crawl > Sitemaps

4. Now, click "Add/Test Sitemap" button.

add a sitemap in google webmasters tools

5. Now we are at the last step. You will see sitemap submission box. Just add the following line in the box and click "Submit Sitemap" button:

add url and click submit sitemap

6. That's it. Now you can see that your blogger blog's sitemap is submitted in google webmasters tool and after indexing, you will see the status of your indexed pages.

blogger blog sitemap submitted

Note: If your blog has more than 500 posts, then after submitting this sitemap, submit another sitemap using the following link:
In the same way, keep adding the sitemaps according to the number of posts in your blog.

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