Wednesday 2 April 2014

How to download youtube videos using VLC media player

How to download youtube videos using VLC media player
Youtube is the most popular site to share videos worldwide. Millions of videos are uploaded on youtube daily and people from worldwide watch those videos. But when it comes to download youtube videos to keep in your computer, then so many people face problems in downloading youtube videos because youtube doesn't provide any download option officially. So, today I'll tell you a very easy method to download youtube videos using VLC Media Player. So, let's start the tutorial.

1. Visit and search for the video you want to download.
2. Now, in this tutorial, I'm searching for "That's the way it is" song by Celine Dion. When you get the video, just open it.
3. Now copy the url of the video from your browser's address bar.
copy video url from address bar
4. Now, open VLC Media Player and go to File > Open Network Stream OR you may press ctrl+N keys.
open network stream
5. Now paste the copied url in the network url box and click PLAY button.
paste video url and click play
6. Now your video will start playing in VLC Media Player. Then click Tools > Media Information OR you may press ctrl+I keys.
open media information
7. Now double click on the location url and copy it from the media information window.
copy location url
8. Now, open your browser and paste the copied location url in the address bar and press enter key. Your video will start playing in your browser.
video playing in the browser
9. Now right click on the video and click SAVE VIDEO AS... option to save it.
right click and save the video
10. Finally, select location, type the name of your video and put .mp4 as file extension and click save button to download the video in your computer.
save the video as .mp4 extension
Isn't it easy to download youtube videos...??
Here is the video tutorial of this whole procedure:
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