Monday 14 April 2014

Torch Browser : The Best Browser

Torch Browser : The Best Browser
Hi readers. If you regularly read my blog posts, then you might be knowing about torch browser. I used torch browser in my article "How to open any blocked site". Well, if you don't know much about torch browser, then this post will tell you lot of things about torch browser. Torch is my favorite browser and I've never seen any other powerful browser like this. So, let's start.

What Is Torch Browser?

Torch browser is a powerful browser developed by Torch media. Torch browser is based on Chromium source code, the same source code which is used by Google Chrome browser. The looks and interface of Torch browser is almost same as Google Chrome but if we talk about the features, Torch is much better than Google Chrome. It is fast, uses less system resources and stable. This browser has now more than 10 million active users (and I'm also one of them... haha).

Features of Torch Browser

I already said that Torch browser has built in powerful features which make it better than Google Chrome. Let's see some of the features of Torch Browser.

1. Built-In Torrent Downloader : Wanna download a torrent but don't want to install uTorrent or BitTorrent clients in your computer? Well, I've posted about downloading torrents with IDM. But if you are using torch, then you can download torrents directly from your browser. Torch has a powerful inbuilt torrent downloader which downloads your torrents with maximum speed and with resume support.

2. Social Media Sharing Button : Torch browser has a "Share" button which can share the links you visit at facebook and twitter directly from the browser. Just keep yourself logged into your social networking accounts (not recommended if you use internet in cybercafe or on a computer accessible by other people also) and click Share button. You will get the options to share the content on facebook or twitter. Just use them and that's it, your content is shared in your timeline.

3. Media Grabber : Torch browser offers a media grabber which doesn't annoy you asking for any Java applet. It's very simple to use and works great with all types of audio and video sharing sites. For example, if you want to download any youtube video, then simply open that video in Torch browser and click "Media" button. There you will get options to "download video" and "download video + extract audio". Just click over your choice and that's it, your download starts.

4. Supports Extensions From Chrome Web Store : Yes, this is also the best thing of Torch browser. Because it is based on chromium source code, it supports all the browser extensions which Google Chrome supports. Just visit Chrome web store and add any extension in your Torch browser using the same method you used with Google Chrome.

5. Less Use of Memory and System Resources : While using Google Chrome browser, I noticed that whenever I opened 5 or 6 tabs in chrome, my system got very slow and mouse stopped working well. But with Torch browser, I don't face this type of problem because Torch uses less system resources which increase the system stability and speed also.

6. Enhance The Look of Your Fecebook Profile With Torch Facelift : Torch browser offers "Facelift", a feature to apply different themes in your facebook profile. Just log into your facebook account (don't worry, torch is a safe and secure browser) and click the colorful star icon from the right side of the address bar. The facelift box will be opened and now you can customize your facebook background, font styles, colors etc or you can simply choose a theme from pre defined themes.

7. Inbuilt Download Accelerator : Torch browser's inbuilt download accelerator increases your download speed and gives a resume support. It works in the same way as Internet Download Manager works. When you download any file from the internet, Torch's download accelerator starts downloading the file in parts and enhances your download experience.

8. Drag and Drop Feature to Search And Share Online Content : Web search and social media sharing is much easier with Torch browser. Suppose you are surfing a website and you've got an interesting picture which must be shared in social media. Then just click and drag that image in the left side of the Torch browser and immediately you will see that a sidebar appears with social media icons. Just drop that image over any icon, say facebook, and your image will be shared in your facebook profile. In the same way, you will get a sidebar in the right side also which enable you to search wikipedia, youtube, google and translate the selected text.

9. Safe and Secure Browser : A few days ago, some guys spread the false report that Torch browser is a virus and is not safe to use. But those things were totally false and stupid. Torch browser is fully safe and secure to use. So many reputed download providers have proven that Torch browser is virus free and is safe to use. You may refer this link.

10. Torch Music : Torch has a button for Torch Music, where you can enjoy youtube videos in a new way. You can search for music, create your own playlist, share your playlist with your friends and can can follow your facebook friends' musical choices. It has an embedded music player with controllers also.

11. The New Hola Extension : This extension comes with the new releases of Torch browser which is enable to open blocked sites of your country. Just open the blocked site, click over this extension and select the country whose proxy you want to use. Torch will automatically change your system's proxy for that tab and the blocked site is opened with the new proxy.

So now, you know about the features of Torch browser. I'll recommend you to use it and feel the power of Torch yourself, I'm sure you won't go for any other browser again.
Download Torch Browser from their official site :

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