Sunday 6 April 2014

How to use graphical and animated chat stickers in facebook

Facebook is the most popular social networking site after twitter. Since past few years, facebook has improved its services and has been adding new features day by day. Facebook chat stickers are one of them. Facebook has included new chat sticker packages in its chat from which users can make their chat more enhanced with colorful and animated chat stickers. This trend has made the smileys old fashioned and now facebook users are using facebook stickers. So, lets see how to use these stickers in our chats.
  • Open your web browser and login to your facebook account.
  • Now, select any friend and start chatting with him.
  • In the bottom right side of the chat box, you will see a smiley icon. Just click over that.
  • Now the smiley box will open, click on the basket icon, "Sticker Store", on the top right corner of the smiley box.
opening sticker store
  • Now, sticker store window will be opened and you will see different sticker packages.
  • Now click FREE button to add the sticker bundle in your chat box.
facebook chat sticker store
  • Now, you can use your new stickers by clicking the smiley button and then by clicking the sticker icon.
stickers in action
Here is the video tutorial which will explain the whole procedure to add sticker packages and use them while chatting with your friends.
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