Monday 28 April 2014

How To Host Your Website On Google Drive

How To Host Your Website Free On Google Drive
Google drive is a service by google which allows users to store their codes, pictures, audio and video files. It provides its storage space for free. But do you know, you can host a complete static website on google drive? There are so many free hosting sites available but most of them show ad banners on the hosted sites. But google drive is perfect if you are a web developer and love doing experiments with codes. Google drive supports html, css, javascript etc but it doesn't support php files. So you can't host database driven sites on google drive. Lets see how to host websites on google drive:
1. Visit and sign in using your gmail user id and password.
2. From the dashboard, click Upload > Folder.

host website in google drive

3. A popup box will appear now. Select the folder in which you have kept your webpages and upload it.

upload your files

4. Now your site will start uploading in google drive. When the upload finishes, click "SHARE" link as shown in the image below:

click share

5. Now from the sharing settings, click "Change" and then set the visibility option to "Public on the web" and then click "Save", then "Done".

click change
make the files visible to public

6. Now, click on the uploaded folder to open it and then click on the home page html file to open it in google docs.

open your uploaded file

7. Now you will see the code view of the html page. Just click "Open" from the bottom right side of the screen.

click open

8. Now your page will open in Google Docs. Click "Preview" button to see the preview of your webpage.

click preview

9. Now copy the url of the opened page from the address bar. That is your hosted site's url. You can share it with your friends and can use it to view your website hosted on google drive.

copy the url

I have made a video tutorial which will make the process clearer. Watch it below:

Keep visiting for more tips and tricks.

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