Monday 18 September 2017

Get Free Cash - Google Launches Tez : A UPI based Payment System in India

Google Launches Tez : A UPI based Payment System in India
Google has launched "Tez", it's first UPI based payment system in India. UPI is one of the best ways for cashless and cardless transactions which is fast and secure. All you need is to link your bank account with the UPI enabled app (PhonePe, Kotak 911 etc) and you will get your unique UPI payment address. If any other user sends money to your UPI address, the amount will be credited instantly in your bank account and the best thing is, there are no transaction charges like IMPS transfer. Let's see how to install and use the Google's Tez app:

1. First of all, you need to know that to be able to use UPI, you must have a bank account and a debit card for your account because you will need to use the debit card details to generate UPI address and UPI transaction PIN. The most important thing, your mobile number which you use to sign up must be linked with the bank account becasue the app will send a one time password to link your bank account with the UPI app (Don't panic, it is safe and there won't be any unauthorized transactions from your account)

2. After making sure you have fulfilled all the requirements, you can start creating your UPI address with Tez app. Download and install Tez app in your phone using this link : DOWNLOAD HERE

3. After clicking the link, you will be redirected to google play store. Install the app in your phone and open it. It will ask you to select language, choose any language of your choice and click on the small arrow icon from the top right corner of the screen (see screenshots).

install tez

4. On the next screen, Tez will ask for your mobile number. Enter your mobile number that is linked with your bank account and make sure that you are using the same mobile number in your phone in which you are installing Tez app. After entering the phone number, it will ask you to select your google account.

sign up

5. On the next screen, it will ask you to secure Tez app. You can either use your current screen lock pattern or can set a new PIN. After setting the protection, app will open.


6. Now close the app and reopen it. You will see an option to add bank account with the app. Tap over "Add Bank Account" and select your bank in which you have your account opened.

link account

7. After you select your bank, Tez will try to find and verify whether any account in that particular bank is linked with your mobile number or not. If any account is linked with your phone number in the selected bank, it will show you the account details and will ask you to set a UPI PIN. If you have not used your account with any other UPI app and it doesn't have any UPI PIN, you can set a new UPI PIN (that will require your debit card details) and if you already used your account with any UPI app, you can use your existing UPI PIN to finish the linking process. Your own UPI ID for Tez app which can be used to receive payments from others will be listed with your account, you may make a note of it, if you want.

upi pin

8. After successful linking of the account and UPI creation, open the app and tap over "Pay Using Phone or Account Number, QR or UPI ID" option as shown in the screenshot. On the next screen, select whether you want to send money through account number or UPI address.

start payment

9. I'm testing the app by sending Rs.100 to my account account through UPI. You can also send money to any UPI address or bank account using the options available in the app.

send to upi
money sent

10. That's it. You can use Tez app for your cashless transactions now.

Google is running a refer and earn program for the Tez app. If you sign up for it and send money to another Tez user, both of you will get Rs.51 as referral reward which will be credited in your bank. To get your Rs.51 reward, you may send Rs.1 only at the upi address ashutoshkushwaha22@okhdfcbank and after the successful transaction, you will get Rs.51 back in your account.

Here is a small explaination:

1. If you install the Tez app from my referral link, you should see my photo in the app home screen. If you don't see, then also you can use pay using "Phone or account number option" to ashutoshkushwaha22@okhdfcbank.

2. If you click on my pic, you should see a message "Welcome to Tez! Make your first payment and we each get Rs.51!"

3. At the bottom, click "Pay" and transact Rs.1 to me and after the successful transaction, you will get a message "You earned a reward".

send Rs.1

4. Tap over "You eared a reward" and you should see that Rs.51 has been rewarded to you. In the app's homepage, you can see a rewards and offers section, you may check your rewards by clicking "Rewards" too.

get Rs.51 cashback

5. This is an additional step and you can leave it. But if you transact Rs.51 to any other Tez user which you never paid, you and him, both will get a scratch card which will give you extra amount as bonus.
bonus cashback

So don't miss join now to earn free cash as much as you can. :-)

Note: If you already have installed Tez without using any referral link, then you can still get Rs.51 referral reward. Just tap on the 3 dots from the top right corner of tez app to open the menu and tap "Referral Code" option. A new page will open asking you to enter referral code, enter 3h5AZ there and apply. That's it, if you send Rs.1 to any tez user, you will get Rs.51 reward instantly in your account.

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