Sunday 30 June 2019

How to remove vocals from a song and create high-quality karaoke

How to remove vocals from a song and create high-quality karaoke
Removing vocals from a song and creating high-quality karaoke track is not an easy task. There are so many free software available like Audacity, Wavosaur, etc which can remove vocals from a song and there are several paid software available like Mixcraft Pro Studio, FL Studio, etc but I was not satisfied with the results provided by these software. After removing the vocals, the songs sounded like mono songs and the instruments in the songs also seemed to be compressed which didn't sound good at all.
But now I would tell you about a software which I found the best among all the tools which can remove vocals from any song, the software is iZotope RX 7 Audio Editor. It is awesome and the vocal removal technique of this software is too good. After removing the vocals, the stereo quality of the song remains the same and only a very faded part of the vocal is noticeable if you try to hear it carefully. Let's see how to remove vocals from a song and create high-quality karaoke:
  • Install iZotope RX 7 Audio Editor in your computer (Click Here)
  • Now launch the application and click on "Open File".
  • Now open any song which you want to remove the vocals from.
  • One the song is loaded in the waveforms, press ctrl and A keys together on the keyboard and the whole song would be selected.
  • Now look at the Repair options in the right sidebar of the software and click on "Music Rebalance".
  • Once music rebalance is opened, set the voice slider to infinity by dragging it downwards and set its sensitivity to 10. Do the same with the other sliders and set the gain slider at +2.0 dm and sensitivity at 7.0
iZotope RS 7 settings for Voxal
  • Now click the "Preview" button to listen to the preview of the final karaoke. If the song sounds good, click on "Render" to render the song. 
  • Once the render is completed, you may click on File > Export and export the song as high-quality MP3.
  • After the mp3 file is exported, you can keep it with you and record your own vocals over it.
If you want to watch a video about this setup and get an idea to know how to use this software, go through the video below:

If the video doesn't play here, click this link:

Note: Even after rendering the song, you need to mix the music part from the original song and the vocal removed part from the karaoke track you exported to make the final karaoke sound better (you may create a new mp3 file after adding the music part of the original song using any multi track audio editing software. I'll publish an article about it soon). Keep visiting PC Tricks Guru for more tips and tricks.

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