Wednesday 13 May 2020

Word and Excel crash after opening through Outlook attachment : Fix It

Word and Excel crash after opening through Outlook attachment : Fix It
There is a sudden increase in the number of incidents where users are reporting that their Word and Excel crashes and then stops working after they try to open Outlook attachments. After the first crash, if they are trying to launch Word and Excel, the splash screen flashes, and then Word and Excel close immediately. This issue has been reported on Reddit and Microsoft forums as well and users are confused that why is it happening.
SAntivirus Scam
Let me tell you the reason behind it. The issue is being caused by a potentially unwanted program, or in simple words, you can say, by a Virus and the name of the virus is "SAntivirus", how funny, a virus with the word antivirus in it's name. S stands for Segurazo in "SAntivirus" and this virus is so clever that it is not being detected by most of the antiviruses and if you uninstall it through the control panel, it comes back automatically.
So I tested this virus in my own PC and found that it was the actual cause of the Word and Excel crash and to remove this virus, I would tell you the easiest way.
  1. Install MalwareBytes free version from and run it.
  2. After running the malwarebytes, perform a full system scan.
  3. It would show several threats hidden in the machine and most of them would be created by SAntivirus malware.
  4. Once the scan is completed, click on Quarantine or Remove and wait for malwarebytes to delete the virus completely.
  5. Once done, it would ask you to restart the computer. Allow malwarebytes to restart the computer and after the restart, open C:\Program Files OR C:\Program Files(x86) and delete the folder "Digital Communications"
  6. That's it, launch Outlook and check if the Word and Excel crash while opening any attachment. The issue would be resolved for sure.
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