Thursday 19 February 2015

Enhance your android messaging and get free recharges too

Threaded messaging in android looks pretty and is easy to use because we can use it as a chatting application. But I'm going to tell you a way to enhance your android messaging app. You can make it look like gmail app and you can add labels, set spam box, archive messages, see unread messages in a separate folder, see sent messages in a separate folder and set reminders also. Not only this, you will get freecharge vouchers of Rs.50 also. Isn't it cool. Let's see how to do this:

1. To enhance your android sms messaging app, you need to download TBOX app. Click here to download TBOX App.
2. Now install it, open it and verify your mobile number.

install tbox and verify your mobile number

3. After opening your TBOX app, you will see your brand new messaging app for your text messages. Use it for an enhanced experience in mobile text messaging.
4. To get the recharge, you have to refer this app to your friends. For each referral, you will get Rs.10 and after 5 referrals, you will get Rs.50 freecharge coupon code to recharge your mobile for free. To get your referral link, just tap over the top right menu and then tap "Invite and Win" option.

getting referral link

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