Thursday 30 July 2015

Windows 10 Reservation Icon is Missing : Possible Ways to Fix It

On July 29th 2015, Microsoft released Windows 10 operating system which is the best and last operating system by Microsoft. All the genuine users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 will get Windows 10 as a free upgrade. If you are running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, you will get windows 10 reservation icon in the system tray which will help you to reserve and upgrade your current OS to Windows 10 without paying anything.
Many users have already updated their OS and reserved for the free upgrade to Windows 10 but still there are some users who are not getting windows 10 reservation icon in their system tray although they are the genuine users of Windows OS. So, here I'm writing a tutorial which will cover all the possible ways to fix the issue of not getting windows 10 reservation icon.

Problems that might cause the missing "Get Windows 10" app in your computer:
  1. You must be using a genuine and activated copy of Windows OS. If you are using pirated copy of Windows OS, then you will not get the windows 10 reservation icon.
  2. Windows 7 must be updated to Windows 7 SP1 to get the icon and Windows 8 users must upgrade their OS to Windows 8.1 to get the Windows 10 reservation icon.
  3. Your system must be compatible to run Windows 10. If your computer is not compatible for Windows 10, you will initially see the windows 10 reservation icon but later it will be disappeared automatically. But it is expected that the missing icon due to system incompatibility will start appearing again after July 30th.
  4. Make sure that you have installed all the automatic updates. If not, you will not see the windows 10 reservation icon.
  5. If you are using old version of Internet Explorer in windows 7, you will not get the windows 10 reservation icon. So install IE11 and then run the automatic updates to get the windows 10 reservation icon. If IE is disabled in your computer, re-enable it from "Control Panel > Programs & Features > Turn Windows features On or Off".
  6. If you are using Windows 7/8 Enterprise or RT editions, you will not get Windows 10 reservation icon.
  7. If your computer is a part of a domain network, you will not get the Windows 10 reservation icon.
If you have checked all the 7 points mentioned above and found that you are eligible for windows 10 free upgrade and still you are not able to find your windows 10 reservation icon, follow the methods given below to get it:

1. Show all icons in the notification area of the taskbar:
It might be possible that you have got the Windows 10 reservation icon but that is hidden. Show make all the notification area icons visible, right click in the system tray and select "Customize notification icons" and from the new window that opened after clicking this option, check "Always show all icons and notifications on the taskbar" and then click OK.

setting notifications

2. Enable "Get Windows 10" using registry editor:

1. Open registry editor using regedit run command.
2. Find the following key : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows
3. Under Windows key, create a new key and rename it to GWX. So we will get a new path i.e. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\GWX
4. Now select the GWX key and in the right side, create a new DWORD and rename it to DisableGWX and set its value to 0.

editing windows registry

5. Now open the following path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\UpgradeExperienceIndicators and in the right side panel, make sure that the values of UpgEx and UpgExU are set to Green, if not, set them to Green and also make sure that the Genuine string is set to 1. If you can't find the key and strings create them manually and restart your computer.
If you see another key named Reduced, then it means that Windows 10 app is running in reduced mode and it will appear automatically after Windows 10 launch date. You may try to delet the key and check the effect.
editing registry values to get windows 10 reservation icon

3. Locate and Run Windows 10 reservation app manually:
Open C:\Windows\System32\GWX folder and run the GWX.exe file manually. You should run the following commands in command prompt with admin rights:
C:\Windows\System32\GWX\GWXConfigManager.exe /RefreshConfig
C:\Windows\System32\GWX\GWX.exe /taskLaunch

4. Uninstall and install required KB files manually:
KB3035583 file is required to bring windows 10 reservation icon in the system tray. You may try to uninstall and reinstall it. Uninstall it using the following command in run:
WUSA /Uninstall /KB:3035583
and then restart the computer. Then install the update by downloading the files from the link given below:
Download KB3035583 For All OS

After trying all the steps, if you didn't get the windows 10 reservation icon in your system tray, download and run the following scripts with admin rights, that should work:
Script 1
Script 2

I hope this tutorial will help you to fix the windows 10 reservation icon missing issue. Keep visiting for more tips and tricks.

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