Monday 10 August 2015

Fix Windows 10 Unable to activate Error 0xc004f034

Fix Windows 10 Unable to activate Error 0xc004f034
Microsoft has provided free windows 10 upgrade for the genuine users of Windows 7/8.1 but some of the users have complained that they were the genuine users of Windows but after upgrading to windows 10 using the Windows 10 reservation app, the windows got deactivated and while trying to activate their copy of windows 10, they are getting the error code "0xc004f034". After contacting Microsoft support team, they got the resolution that wait for about one week, your windows will be activated automatically once microsoft servers verify your hardware ID. Most of the users found this resolution perfect and their Windows 10 got activated automatically but still there are some users who are getting the same issue. So, I have a solution for those users, who are still facing the activation issue with their genuine operating system.
Activation error code 0xc004f034 can be easily resolved by running a small batch file and the code for the batch file is given below. Open notepad and copy and paste the following code:

@echo off
cscript /nologo slmgr.vbs /ato
if errorlevel 0 goto end
goto loop
echo Activation was successful. Press any key to close this window.

Now save the notepad file as activation.bat on your desktop and run it with administrative rights. After running this file, you will see that your windows 10 is activated and you don't have to wait for the auto activation.
Keep visiting my site for more tweaks about Windows 10. Good Day ahead!

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