Monday 10 August 2015

How to find Product Key of Windows and MS Office in any computer

How to find Product Key of Windows and MS Office in any computer
Product keys are very important for the installation and activation of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office products. Generally, every paid software comes with a product key which is used to activate the product. For OEM computers, customers do not know where the product key is located and it gets applied automatically in the case of system reset or refresh. But if something goes wrong and you need to perform a clean installation of OS, you just get stuck with the activation issue because for the activation of your product you require the product key. So in this post, I'll tell you how to get product keys from your computer if OS is installed and is in working condition.

1. Download ProduKey tool from the link given here: DOWNLOAD LINK
2. Extract the zip file and run ProduKey.exe file.
3. It will show you your Windows and MS Office product key.
4. Make a note of your product keys and keep them safe for future use.
5. You may use AdvisorInstaller tool (already provided in the downloaded zip file) also to get your product keys extracted from your computer.

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