Thursday 8 November 2018

Google Pay : Get Rewards for sending money and paying your bills

Google Pay : Get Rewards for sending money and paying your bills
Google launched it's UPI app "Tez" on 17th Aug 2017 and within a few weeks it got very popular among the users. Reason was, it's rewards and referral program. It was giving Rs.51 to the referred person and the person who referred the user to install the app. Along with this, it was giving surprise money to users for transacting with other Tez users.
Later, on 28th August 2018, Tez was rebranded as "Google Pay". After rebranding the name, it started offering huge amount (Rs.201) for referring users, although the odds of winning money through scratch cards which it gives for sending money to other Google Pay users decreased. But to make Google Pay more rewarding, google added bill payment and recharge services to Google Pay. For paying bills and doing recharges, it gives assured rewards. If you still haven't installed Google Pay, I recommend you trying it once as it is one of the best UPI apps available after PhonePe which is easy to use and has great cashback options which get credited directly in your bank account. Follow the steps given below to get started with Google Pay:

1. Click this link to install Google Pay in your phone. Make sure you are installing Google Pay for the first time in your phone.
2. After installing Google Pay in your phone, launch the app and sign up using your mobile number which is linked with your bank account. The SIM card must be there in the phone in which you have installed Google Pay.
3. After signing up for Google Pay account, check on the top right corner on the screen to open the menu and check if my referral code is applied in your Google Pay account. If not, apply the referral code : 3h5AZ
4. Now on the top left of the Google Pay screen, you would see the option to link your bank account. Tap over it and link your bank account in Google Pay to receive reward money and use the account for your transactions done for bill payments and recharges. Create your UPI PIN and always remember it because this PIN would be used to do transactions on any UPI platform.
5. After you link your account and apply referral code, you should see my photo as shown in the screenshot below. Just click on the photo, tap "Pay" and do a transaction of Rs.1 only. After successful transaction of Rs.1, you would get Rs.51 instantly in your linked bank account. Alternatively, you may tap over "Pay" option and send Rs.1 to UPI address ashutoshkushwaha22@okhdfcbank to get your sign up reward.
send money

6. To check your rewards, you may click on "Rewards" option in Google Pay app and to know about the ongoing offers, click "Offers" option.
rewards earned in google pay

7. That's it. You can earn good amount of rewards everytime you send money to other Google Pay user or pay your bills or do recharges using Google Pay.

Old Post (Tez) Link with screenshots:

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