Sunday 8 August 2021

How to turn a website into Windows app

How to turn a website into Windows app
There are so many websites which we visit frequently using our computers and think that if there could be a Windows application for that website, it would have been great. Usually we bookmark the sites in the browser and use them to open the sites but what if I tell you that you can easily turn any website into a Windows application and can access the app right from your start menu or a desktop shortcut? It would really be easy to access your favorite websites without searching them in the bookmarks because you would be able to open them as an app using their own app icon in your start meu.
Following are the steps to do in just in seconds:
  1. Open Edge browser in your Windows 10 computer and open the website which you want to convert into an application.
  2. Now from the top right corner, you need to click on the three dots or press Alt+F keys together to open the browser menu.
  3. Now click on "Apps" in the menu and then click on "Install this site as an app".
  4. A prompt will pop-up on the screen asking you to name the app, just type the name of the app and then press enter.
  5. That's it, you can now access the website as an app from your start menu.
Below is the video demonstration for the whole procedure.

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