Wednesday 6 October 2021

How to upgrade to Windows 11 on unsupported hardware without data loss

Windows 11
Windows 11 has been rolled out officially for all the users as a stable release on 5th Oct 2021. But many users are disappointed because Microsoft is not allowing them to upgrade to Windows 11 if their machines are not with latest hardware. To be able to use Windows 11, the machine should have 8th Gen or above processor, TPM 2.0 and secure boot enabled. Without these requirements, you would not be able to upgrade to Windows 11.

But there is a script that you can use to bypass the system check and easily upgrade to Windows 11 using the official ISO file of Windows 11. Make sure to disable windows defender before running the script otherwise it might not let the script run. Also, there is no harm in running the script and I already have personally tested it. Follow the steps given below to initiate the upgrade process:

1. Download Windows 11 ISO File from Microsoft's website. (
2. After downloading the ISO file, download the system check bypass script from this link: Bypass Script Link
3. After downloading the zip file, extract it and run the Skip_TPM_Check_on_Dynamic_Update_v2.cmd file as admin.
4. Once the script is done with the registry modification, open the Windows 10 ISO and run the setup. You would see that it would allow you to install Windows 11, however it would ask you to accept the risks that may state that the system might not get security updates on unsupported hardware. You may click on accept and forget about it, all the updates would be delivered to the device without any issues.
5. Now proceed towards the installation and choose the upgrade option. Windows 11 installation would begin and once it is done, your system would restart and you will be able to login to Windows 11 and use it without any problems.

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