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A1 Sitemap Generator Review And Instructions To Use

A1 Sitemap Generator Review And Instructions To Use
A1 Sitemap Generator by Micro-Sys ApS is a great software to generate and submit sitemap of your websites. Sitemap submission plays an important role in indexing of web pages in search engines. Search engine robots crawl webpages without sitemap submission also, but sitemap submission boosts the rate of indexing and visibility of your web pages in search engines. A1 Sitemap Generator can do the sitemap creation job smartly and can save your valuable time also. Let's have a look over its features and functionality.

User Interface

A1 Sitemap Generator has two modes, "Simplified Easy Mode" and "Advanced Mode". User interface of A1 Sitemap Generator's "Advanced Mode" is a little difficult for beginners but for advance users, it is ok. This is because it has lots of tabs in its interface which seems to be a little confusing while using it for the first time, but if you get habitual of it, you will feel it easy to use. To overcome this confusion, A1 Sitemap Generator shows mouse-over tips. If you still feel it difficult, then you may use the excellent help section on the microsys website. "Simplified Easy Mode" is better for the beginners.

a1 sitemap generator advanced mode


A1 Sitemap Generator is bundled with excellent features every webmaster needs some of them are:
  1. Create XML and HTML sitemaps for large websites, even for blogs and forums also.
  2. Index all the pages of your site in search engines.
  3. Scan and crawl local and online pages on internet.
  4. Using webmasters filter, you can instruct the software to obey or disregard robots.txt, disallow, crawl delay, nofollow and canonical directives.
  5. It can automatically create and submit sitemaps and then can ping you site to search engines.
  6. It can scan and index every references of your site such as frames, stylesheets, images and javascripts also.
  7. To optimize scanning speed of website crawler, it uses multiple simultaneous connections and threads.
To know more features of A1 Sitemap Generator, you may visit this link.


A1 Sitemap Generator is available in Standard and Professional editions. Standard edition costs $49 and Professional edition costs $69. If you want to give it a try, then a full featured 30 days trial is also available and is free to download.

Tutorial to use A1 Sitemap Generator

Instead of using "Advanced Mode", I recommend using "Simplified Easy Mode" for a first time user. So, I'll show the steps to use A1 Sitemap Generator in simplified easy mode.

1. Open A1 Sitemap Generator and switch to simplified easy mode by clicking the button as shown below in the image:

switch to simplified easy mode in a1 sitemap generator

2. Now enter your website url and click "Start Scan" button.

start scan

3. Now it will start scanning your website to create the sitemap. Just wait until the process gets completed.

scanning website

4. When the scan gets finished, you will be taken at the next tab. Review your site's details and delete the unwanted links which you don't want to include in your sitemap by right clicking on the link and clicking delete option.

deleting unwanted links

5. Now, click "Create Sitemap" tab and select the sitemap file type and then click "Build Now" button. If you want to build all kind of sitemaps in a single click, just click "Build All" button.

building sitemap

6. At the next step, it will show the code of generated sitemap. Now click "Upload Files" tab and enter your hosting server details and click "Upload Now" button. To upload all sitemaps at one click, you should click "Upload All" button.

upload sitemap

7. Now after uploading your sitemaps, it the time to tell search engines about your sitemap. So, click "Ping Sitemap" tab and click "Ping Now" button.

ping sitemap

That's it. A1 Sitemap Generator will ping search engines and you will get your pages indexed quickly in search engines resulting good traffic to your site.

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