Sunday 4 May 2014

Top Useless Sites To Waste Your Time On

Top Useless Sites To Waste Your Time On
The title seems to be a freaky and stupid one, right? Everyday, we surf internet to gain some knowledge, download good stuff and build networks in social media etc. But there are some sites which are designed to waste your time, lol. If you are always free or getting more than bored, then you can waste your time on these sites. I am presenting the top useless sites on which you can waste your time.

1. Find The Invisible Cow

This is a stupid game in which you have to find an invisible cow by following the loudness of an irritating "Yaw Yaw" type sound. Just move your mouse around the screen and you will hear that sound getting louder or softer.

2. The Useless Web

On this site, you will see a page which will have a button "PLEASE". Just click that button and you will be taken to different silly sites. An awesome site to waste your time.

3. Hacker Typer

This site is also a useless site but it may be proved very useful if you want to impress your friends or your girlfriend. Just open this site and start typing rubbish things, just keep pressing random keys just like you are typing codes and on the screen, you will see some codes are being typed automatically with your krystrokes. Anyone who is looking at you will be surprised that you are a great coder with super-fast typing speed.

4. Boohbah Zone

This site is a strange site where you will do some random funny things like make some fatty cartoons dance in indian classical tone, make a dog jump and touch a ball, make some men and ladies jump high etc.

5. Staggering Beauty

On this website, you will get a finger shaped doodle which moves if you move your mouse. On moving your mouse vigorously, a flashy light pattern appears in the background and a sound plays. Keep repeating this thing and keep wasting your time.

6. Bees Bees Bees

In this site, you will see Oprah Winfrey opening a screen and so many bees come out of the screen and make the people crazy.

7. ShadyUrl

This is a funny url changer to change your urls and make them suspicious and frightening. As an example, becomes

8. Don't Even Reply

This website is titled "E-mails from an Asshole", and you will find the title perfect for the site if you read the email conversations on the site.

9. Shut Up and Take My Money

This website is a shopping site offering the things you never need but really want. Full of stupid and crazy items to purchase.

10. Ducks are the Best

This site changes your mouse pointer into a duck and on moving your mouse pointer here and there, it leaves a trail behind it and fills the path of the moving mouse pointer with ducks.

11. Sticky Hands Toy

On this website, you will get a hand toy which hangs with your mouse pointer and on moving the toy, it sticks with the walls.

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