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How to make money online without having a blog or website

How to make money online without having a blog or website
The craze to make money online is going viral among teenagers. The number of bloggers, especially in India has risen dramatically and the reason behind it is that they all want to make money online with their blogs. Some of them are really doing good and writing good articles. But there are so many teenagers and internet users who don't know about blogging and don't have the required skills to earn through a blog. So, I thought I should write an article for those who don't have any knowledge of blogging but still, they want to earn money online. So in this article, I'm going to explain some ways to earn money online without having a blog or website. Let's start.

1. Use the Power of Social Media for Affiliate Marketing

This is the most popular method to make money online without a blog or website. You can join different communities in social media and can promote your products. For example, sign up for an affiliate program and share your affiliate link in social media with an impressive text. Make people feel that the product you are promoting is important for them and they must give it a try. Don't use the language of a "Beggar", just use a humble and impressive language like a professional to promote your affiliate links. For example, suppose I want to promote "Bluehost Web Hosting Service", then I'll promote my affiliate link in the following way:
"Are you a blogger and using paid web hosting services to host your blog but not satisfied with the performance of your hosting provider?
Introducing BlueHost, the leading web hosting provider. You must give it a try and check the performance of their services. It offers the best services at a cheap cost with 24x7 support. I'm sure you're gonna like it, as it deserves. To sign up for an account, use the following link and supercharge your blog with the best hosting services.
Sign up now and get a flat 40% discount on your purchase. So grab this amazing offer and save your bucks."
So, for each sale you generate, you get a commission and earn a nice amount. You can write product reviews on other blogs and include your affiliate links to generate more sales.

2. Make Money With YouTube

If you don't have a blog or website, then you can earn money online with youtube and Google AdSense. Create a youtube account and upload at least 6 videos that are created by you or picked from the internet. (don't upload copyright material) and share your videos on social media and forums. After getting some views, you will be eligible for the AdSense program. Just enable AdSense for youtube and monetize your videos and make money online.

3. Sell Products on eBay

Purchase some products in bulk and sell them on eBay. If you purchase products in bulk, you get some discount on your purchase and you can sell the purchased products at the original price on eBay. In this way, you will earn some profit. You can start a bidding deal also to get more profit on your sold products.

4. Sell Domain Names

Guess some good domain names and purchase them at a discount price using coupon codes. Now sell those domain names at regular prices by promoting your domains in social media and forums.

5. Earn By Selling Your Services on Fiverr

Create a free account on Fiverr and sell your services to the people. You may offer logo designing, facebook likes, youtube views or whatever you want. If someone is interested in your offer, they will contact you and pay you for your services. If you are not skilled in anything, then you may hire other people to do your tasks and share the earned amount with them.

6. Do Freelancing

You can make money online by doing freelancing also. To know more about freelancing, read "Make Money Online As A Freelancer".

7. Make Money By Designing T-Shirts

You can create an account on and can design and upload a T-Shirt. If any visitor likes your design and makes an order, Skreened will print your designed T-Shirt and will give you your commission.

8. Other Methods

The Internet is full of opportunities and you can use it to generate a good income. The only thing you require is creativity and some common sense. So, sit for a while, do some researches and think about your skills. After analyzing your skills, turn them into a medium to make money. I recommend you to read "Best Ways To Make Money Online" to get more ideas about online money-making.

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  1. I also read a blog post before about earning money through Smart Phones. There are apps available for android that they can download and earn money. Maybe they can also try that instead of blogging. :)

    How to make money fast

    1. yes you are right, there are some mobile apps that can make money such as paisaswipe, easyshift, checkpints etc. I'll write an article about these apps soon.

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  4. Its a wonderful post and very helpful, thanks for all this information. You are including better information regarding this topic in an effective way.Thank you so much

  5. Awesome article. Thanks for sharing with us.


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